OpreX Supply Chain Optimization

Solutions that support optimization of all parts of the supply chain, from raw material supply to product delivery, and help to ensure that business operations can respond quickly and efficiently to market changes and shifts in demand.

  • Offsite & Terminal Management solutions help facilities overcome logistical challenges through real-time monitoring and processing, control process integration and simulation.

  • TLS-VP handles the business and operational demands of the terminal, through the management and control of tank truck and berth loading, tank inventory and transfers, and terminal-related master data.

  • A core element of the model-based mPower application suite, VisaOM (Movement Monitoring) is designed to track raw materials, feed-stocks and products through an entire plant for continuous and batch-based processes.

  • VM-SCS uses an integrated topological model to enable plant operators to schedule and simulate operations, while considering effects between interdependent activities and factors.

  • VM-PA enables integrated sitewide production accounting and data reconciliation, promising actionable results for both operators in the plant and decision-makers in the headquarters to support data loss control initiatives.

  • PETRO guides users in choosing the most optimal bids for feedstock, most effective operational processes and most economic portfolio of products to buy, sell or produce, using distributed recursive linear programming.

  • RPO-Production Supervisor VP provides high resolution views of aggregated information across the entire plant, enabling effective KPI management, incident root cause analysis and resolution.

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