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Ultrasonic Flowmeters

The measuring principle is based on the influence of the flowing fluid to the traveling time of sound. The sound is transmitted through the pipe and the transit time difference between the forward and backward directions is used to determine the flow velocity (transit time method).

Group: Ultrasonic Flowmeters

US300PM Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

US300FM ultrasonic flowmeter

  • Features: US300 Series Ultrasonic Flowmeters

    Measuring principle of transit-time

    The transit-time utilizes the propagation time of the ultrasonic signal in the fluid.

    A pair of transducers are installed on the outer surface of the pipe as shown in the diagram. Each transducer works alternatively as both transmitter and receiver of ultrasonic signals.

    When the ultrasonic signal is transmitted toward the upstream side against the flow direction, more propagation time is required (T1). On the other hand, when it is transmitted toward the downstream side with the flow direction, the propagation time is less (T2). That is, the signal is delayed or speeded up by the moving fluid. The difference in time between "T1" and "T2" is proportional to the flow velocity, and the flow volume can be calculated by multiplying it by the cross-sectional area, which is obtained by using the pipe diameter and wall thickness.

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ROTAMASS LR Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

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