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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





STARDOM at a Glance

STARDOM at a Glance Top

Outperforming the Competition

To build a manufacturing system that can immediately respond to the diverse needs of today's globally networked society, an electronic Realtime Manufacturing (e-RMTM) system is required. This is a new concept that is promoting the standardization of system configurations and component-based applications, using IT networks to link resource planning, manufacturing systems, and control throughout the enterprise.

Yokogawa has a better approach to e-RM that is having a revolutionary impact on the production control domain:


The STARDOM network-based control system is superior in the following respects:

information Utilizes networks to link a variety of devices, controllers, and systems to radically boost manufacturing efficiency
Reliability Maintains a steady and efficient operation and ensures that products are manufactured as specified and according to schedule
Agility Quickly responds to dynamic changes in the market that may require shifts in production type or volume and the start-up of new manufacturing facilities