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Terms of Use

Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co. KG is pleased that you have visited this website and shown an interest in the products. Use of this website created by Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co. KG (hereinafter: "Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG website") is exclusively permitted on the basis of these Terms and Conditions.

List of brands
Unless otherwise stated, all brand marks on the Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG website are protected by trademark law. This particularly applies to Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG brands, rating plates, company logos and emblems. The brands and design elements used on our pages are the intellectual property of Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG.

The website of Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites. Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG does not accept any responsibility for the content of such websites, nor does Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG adopt these websites and their contents as its own, as Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG has no control over the linked information and is also not responsible for the content and information provided there. The user makes use of these websites at his/her own risk.

Liability for material defects and defects of title
This website has been created with the greatest possible care. However, Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG cannot guarantee that the information it contains is free from errors and accurate. Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG excludes any liable for damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use of this website, unless these are due to wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG.

Register of licences
The intellectual property contained on the Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG website, such as patents, brands and copyrights, is protected. This website does not grant any licence to use the intellectual property of Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG or of third parties.

Data protection
All personal data collected on the website of Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG shall be saved, processed and, where appropriate, passed on to Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG companies, exclusively in order to provide you with individual support, send you product information or transmit offers of services. Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG guarantees that your information will be treated as confidential, in accordance with the applicable provisions of data protection law.

Password, registration
Some pages of the website may be password-protected. In the interests of the security of business transactions, only registered users are permitted to access these pages. There is no requirement for registration as far as Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG is concerned. In particular, Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG reserves the right to impose obligatory registration even for websites that have previously been freely accessible. At all times, Rota Yokogawa GmbH &Co.KG shall be entitled to revoke access authorisation by blocking the access data, without it being necessary to provide grounds for this action, particularly if the user has made false statements in order to register, has breached these Terms and Conditions or his/her duties of care in dealing with access data, has breached the legislation in force when accessing or when using the website, or has not used the website for a long period of time.