Notice: This product was discontinued on May 31, 2012.

Model Name: SC202SJ


To test the conductivity input do the following: 

  1. Write down the cell constant and change it to 1.00 (this is not mandatory, it makes the math easier) 
  2. Place a jumper wire between 13 to 14 and another one on 15 to 16 (not necessary on the DC400/402) 
  3. Place a resistance between the 13/14 and 15/16 connection. If the unit is set in resistivity it should match the resistance. If it is displaying conductivity it should read Y where Y = (cell constant)/(input resistance) and the units are Siemens. So if the result is 0.005 Siemens this equals 5 milliSiemens.and 0.000005 Siemens equals 5 microSiemens. 

Remember to set the cell constant back to the original value if you changed it.

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