Expectations for Suppliers

Compliance with Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

The "Yokogawa Group Sustainable Procurement guidelines" has set up in 2019. We share these guidelines with our suppliers and strive to resolve social issues throughout the entire supply chain. These guidelines include codes of conduct regarding “Human rights and labor”, “Health and safety”, “Environment”, “ethics” etc. to be complied with by suppliers. When concluding a contract, we will confirm your intention to comply with these guidelines.
For details, please click on the following link:
Yokogawa Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines (PDF: 450KB)


Assure high quality

Suppliers are expected to provide high quality products and materials that meet Yokogawa's high standards and allow us to offer products that satisfy our customers' requirements.


Provide assured delivery and stable supply

Suppliers are expected to establish an assured delivery and flexible supply system that enables us to provide a stable and flexible supply of products to our customers.


Provide competitive pricing

Suppliers are expected to always be competitive on pricing by continuously and aggressively cutting costs, thereby making it possible for us to supply products that meet our customers' requirements.


Improve technical capabilities

Suppliers are expected to constantly improve their technical capabilities, enabling us to supply safe and excellent products that meet our customers' requirements.


Request for Information

We kindly request your prompt cooperation in providing information regarding “Human rights and labor”, “Health and safety”, “Environment”, “ethics” etc. issues in your supply chain.