EXA Compact

EXA Compact is a versatile series of probes suitable for pH measurements in all common applications in industrial processes and (waste) water treatment installations.

EXA Compact is available as a flow type, an insertion type and animmersion type of fitting. A wide choice of process connections is available to make installation in a tank, open basin or pipe/bypass very simple. The careful choice of chemically resistant materials makes it suitable for most processes.

The EXA Compact probe is flexible in use and its small size and light weight makes it easy to handle.

EXA Compact comes as a complete system including a basic holder with electrode, integrated liquid earth with temperature sensor, a spray unit for chemical cleaning (optional) and onecombination cable.

The EXA Compact system is perfectly suited for the advanced capabilities of the EXA PH analyzers, e.g.: sensor diagnostics andautomatic chemical cleaning, resulting in a reliable pH-loop withoutstanding performance.



  • Available for flow-, insertion- and immersion mounting.
  • Integrated liquid earth for sensor diagnostics with the EXA PH-series.
  • Suitable for measurement with double sided high impedanceinput circuits.
  • Integrated spray unit for chemical cleaning available as option.
  • Integrated temperature sensor (Pt100 or Pt1000) supportingautomatic temperature compensation.
  • Electrode removal without twisting the cable.
  • One combination cable incorporating all leads and shields.
  • Easy installation by modular design and various processconnections.
  • Easy handling by small size, light weight and fast-fit parts.
  • All-in-one system eases stock and order processing.
  • Non-flow combination electrode with PTFE-diaphragm.
  • Wetted parts from Ryton, PVC-C and stainless steel (orhastelloy) for excellent chemical resistance.
  • Flow electrode suitable for severe fouling and poisoning applications.


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