Fourier Transform Near-Infared Analyzer

InfraSpec NR800 is a  FT-NIR analyzer offering unparalleled reliability and stability for a wide range of process and laboratory applications from Yokogawa. Its high wavelength resolution, outstanding accuracy and wide scanning range deliver a new level of process information, opening up new possibilities. Direct transfer of a calibration model from the laboratory to the process, or among processes, is also possible. And of course, ease of operation and user-friendly software are key design concepts of the NR800.

The NR800 FT-NIR from Yokogawa is based on over 50 years of R&D in analyzer systems especially spectrometers and sensing devices, and application experience gained as the leading supplier of process measurement and control systems.

Stability and reliability

In addition to the well-known features of FT-NIR of high throughput and quick response time, the NR800 employs a newly-developed Michelson interferometer with vibration-resistant mechanism that ensures even more reliable and stable operation. Unlike other FT-NIR systems, the NR800 runs without a PC as a completely stand-alone system for on-line measurement. Analyzer operations cannot be interrupted by a PC failure nor be affected by rapid changes in PC technology.

Single detector throughout the wavelength range

The measurement wavelength range of the NR800 is from 900 nm to 2500 nm, revealing new information and offering a more accurate calibration model. A single detector InGaAs is used throughout the scanning range.

High resolution

The wavelength resolution of the NR800 is from 4cm -1 . A best-fit band can be used for calibration models and measurement. High resolution is especially useful for foodstuff and pharmaceutical applications.

Calibration model transfer

Laboratory models can be applied directly to systems on the process stream, model transfer between analyzers can also be done. It realizes "seamless" transition from laboratory to process.

Double beam configuration

Double beam configuration is the standard features of NR800. It compensates disturbance of measurement originating from the change of environment conditions and affect of attenuation due to installation conditions.

Up to 4 multi-stream channels with no Optical multiplexers

The NR800 provides up to 4 channels for multiple spectrometers. Channel switching is done electrically and no mechanical moving parts are used, thus ensuring maximum reliability and fast response.

First-hand Experience

In 1993, Yokogawa released the NR500 as the first process FT-NIR for process monitoring, most parts of which such as the interferometer were specially designed from scratch for process use. The NR800 inherits the same design concept as well as field experience, and various improvements and additions have been made.


Process liquid analyzers such as pH meters, conductivity meters, ORP meters, and density meters play an important role at electrolysis plants in the control of concentrations of various process solutions. This requires both precision and stability under harsh conditions that include highly corrosive substances, high temperatures, and many impurities.


For the management of raw materials in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, a manual titration method presents many difficulties. Yokogawa developed the NR800 FT-NIR Analyzer, and with this system, measurements are reliable and stable. It is much easier to control quality.


Loek van Eijck, Yokogawa, The Netherlands, questions whether rapid analysis of gases and liquids can be better achieved through use of a gas chromatograph or near infrared analyser. Conventionally, the liquid and gas components such as those broken down by naphtha crackers have been measured by a process gas chromatograph (PGC), with the subsequent measurement values then being used for control purposes.

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