CENTUM Replay Gamechanging visualization solution

Do you recognize this? 
-    In a plant operation it is time consuming and often difficult to understand what causes the incident 
-    It is not easy to explain operational activities when a certain process condition requires proper operational actions 

To capture both proper and incorrect operations, Yokogawa will introduce a brand new solution for operational analysis and training. With CENTUM Replay the valuable plant operation can be recorded and played again, with the possibility to navigate through existing displays and to provide accompanying comments. 



Prevent future mistakes 
This way, you can replay the process to analyze the cause of an incident to prevent future mistakes. And when a correct plant operation has been performed, you can save it in an easy way to train people within the organization.

CENTUM Replay advantages
-    Quick and easy solution for operational analysis
-    Agile solution for training and knowledge transfer

More information
For more information about this visualization solution, contact the Lifecycle sales team at info@nl.yokogawa.com