Co-innovation is the future

Complex changes require a sustainable co-innovative approach

Nothing is as certain as change. Consider developments such as the energy transition, the circular economy or industrial digitalization. Yokogawa strives to be at the forefront of transforming these complex challenges into valuable technology and services together with its partners. 

Innovating in the industrial sector
‘By joining forces with partners within existing markets and entering partnerships in new areas, we make sustainable innovation in the industrial sector possible’, says Elbert van der Bijl, director sales & marketing at Yokogawa. The world has simply become so complex that it is no longer possible to do everything yourself. Through a smart approach that involves cooperation in essential areas or looking beyond the boundaries of the established domain, we can work with customers to achieve results that really matter in terms of people, the environment and the economy.’

Co-innovation boosts the chance of success
While co-innovation may sound like a recent boardroom buzzword, Yokogawa has been doing it for years. ‘Co-innovation is in our DNA’, says Elbert. ‘In the Netherlands, for example, we have worked with various partners to help NAM optimise all the processes related to gas production in the Groningen gas fields for over 22 years. By always putting the right people in the right places and looking at each challenge from different angles, we boost the success rate of our ideas. Once we have a proof of concept that gets the green light, the innovation is incorporated into our standard working method.’  

New challenges, markets and technologies
Yokogawa applies its innovative strength both to the major themes and specific products or processes. ‘From the Yokogawa Long Term Goals (UN: Sustainable Goals) and the business plan (Transformation 2020), we have set up Business Acceleration Squads that tackle new challenges, new markets and new technologies through an Agile/SCRUM approach’, explains Elbert. During the Co-Innovation Conference Empowered to Transform, we have already presented a number of our squad teams’ brainchildren. These include the wireless Sushi Sensor, real-time petrochemical process simulation via Petro-SIM, advanced cyber security visualization with Dynamic Bow Tie and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that greatly simplifies the collection, analysis and visualization of data.’  

Innovation off the beaten track
Increasingly often, as a result of the focus on co-innovation, Yokogawa's field is expanding beyond its original boundaries. ‘Who would have thought we would enter into a partnership with a Spanish algae farm to contribute to the optimization of food production? Or work with a Finnish company to perfect the refrigerated transport of perishable products’, says Elbert. ‘Co-innovation is the future!’