Spatial Biology UK

Dátumok: ápr 27 - 28, 2022
Helyszín: London, England
Helyszín: Millennium Gloucester Hotel London | Stand 4

For the first time, the Yokogawa Life Science team will exhibit at this year's Spatial Biology UK event in London (England). Visit our booth and explore the world of our Single Cellome™ Systems!

This 2-day event explores spatial research: from the application of spatial technologies in biology through to topical updates from spatial genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and spatial bioinformatics.

Single Cellome System SU10 in lab   More information:


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  • Gyógyszeripar

    The pharmaceutical industry currently faces a major challenge in taking full advantage of the opportunities presented in large emerging markets. Now, more than ever, pharmaceutical companies need to introduce lean manufacturing techniques that will enhance profitability. As one of the world's leading industrial automation suppliers, Yokogawa is committed to delivering the best possible solutions for your best manufacturing practices.

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Kapcsolódó termékek és megoldások

  • Nano-point Delivery

    This system component automates the penetration and injection of single cells using a nanopipette. It's low invasiveness enables manipulation of live single cells. The system integrates with multiple manufacturers' inverted microscopes.

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  • Single Cellome™ System 2000

    The Single Cellome™ System 2000 is a system that automatically samples specific regions of cells or whole cells at the single-cell level while imaging cells in culture with a confocal microscope. Because cells in culture do not need to be detached, positional and morphological information is maintained.

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