Safety Data Sheet K1220QT / Electrolyte for individual and combined pH and ORP sensors

Combined SDS for all pH and and ORP sensors. (i.e. SM21 series, SR20 series, SC29 series, SC21 sereis, SM23 series, FU20(F) series, FU24(F) series, PH20 series, Refill solutions - K1500GG, K1500GF, K1520VA and K1520VN)

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  • Differential pH/ORP Sensors

    The cation differential pH and ORP sensors were designed for difficult applications where conventional sensors are ineffective. These include measurements such as brine solutions to applications as diverse as electrolysis processes and cheese manufacturing.

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  • Industrial pH/ORP Electrodes

    The heart of a pH measuring loop is the electrode system. Yokogawa has designed a wide range of electrodes to ensure this heart keeps beating under the most severe conditions.

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  • Pure Water pH and ORP Sensors

    Achieving accurate and reliable readings using a traditional pH analyzer is challenging, however with the right equipment stable and accurate pure water pH measurements can be accomplished. Yokogawa's specialized bellomatic pH sensor is proven best solution for high purity water applications. For those individuals that do not like the maintenance of refilling sensors, then the FU24 which incorporates the successful patented bellow system in an All-in-one body is the ideal solution.

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  • pH and ORP Sensors

    pH electrodes and sensors are the sensing portions of a pH measurement. Various installation options including retractable, flow thru, immersion, and direct insertion. Proper pH electrode/sensor selection is critical for optimal measurement results.

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