Emergency Interlock System for Petrochemical Plants and Others


  • Emergency interlock circuits for petrochemical plants and other facilities must be independent of the main control system.
  • The YS80 Rack Instrument interfaces not only with field devices and upstream control systems, but also with emergency interlock circuits guarding against process abnormalities.
  • The YS80 Rack Instrument is currently a part of many emergency interlock systems, and has had great successes. Even when converting these existing control systems to DCS, you can continue to use the YS80 Series Rack Instrument by simply upgrading to Style S (excluding some models), the YS80's successor.
  • Target facilities: Ethylene, propylene, oil stockpiling, and LPG facilities
  • Application: Emergency shut-off, fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment
 Emergency Interlock System for Petrochemical Plants and Others

Advantages of the YS80

The I/O specifications, terminal arrangement, and outer appearance of the YS80 Rack Instrument are completely compatible with the previous model. The YS80 Rack Instrument can be upgraded without changing I/O terminals by simply replacing internal components, thereby reducing rework time and expense.

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YS80 Series Rack Instruments

The Style R and Style S models have completely interchangeable I/O specifications, terminal arrays and shapes. They can be replaced with the latest devices just by replacing the internal instruments, leaving the wiring intact.


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