Temperature monitoring on a chimney


It was found that exhaust gas temperatures fluctuate in the chimney resulting in the gas components transforming into polluted substances. Existing instrumentation did not monitor this.

To prevent this gas transformation creating these substances, additional temperature control of the exhaust was necessary and critical.

Monitoring the temperature on a chimney.

Expected Benefits

  • Low cost and easy installation for controlling the temperature
    No wiring is required.
  • Better temperature control
    By controlling temperature in the chimney, to keep the exhaust gas clean/ environmentally friendly.

YFGW520 (Field Wireless Access Point), YFGW410 (Field Wireless Management Station)
YFGW520 (Field Wireless Access Point)
YFGW410 (Field Wireless Management Station)

YTA510 (Temperature Transmitter)

YTMX580 (Multi-Input Temperature Transmitter)



  • The number of measurement in the chimney totaling 30 points.
  • The location of measurement points were 30 meters above the ground.
  • The chimney is located about 300 meters away from central control room.



For chimney temperature monitoring;
The choice by the client was Wireless Multiplexer YTMX580 to monitor the temperature in the chimney. Four YTMX580s were deployed in easy accessible elevated positions to cover 30 measurement points reducing maintenance costs of cabled solution deployed for this application. Reliable ISA100 wireless communication enabled communication between the devices on the chimney and control room 300m away.
Yokogawa plant-wide field wireless system was selected as the best wireless solution.

Yokogawa plant-wide field wireless system



The client deployed only four units of YTMX580 along the chimney to cover 30 measurement points. Wireless YTMX580 eight channel temperature transmitter enables this cost effective solution.

Controlling chimney temperature decreases pollutants reducing environmental burden. From maintenance point, less cable requirements results in the faster deployment. Consequently the client had a significant cost saving with less cabling and faster installation.

The client is planning on deploying additional wireless applications in their plant to take full advantage from Yokogawa’s plant-wide field wireless infrastructure.


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YFGW410 Field Wireless Management Station

YFGW410 Field Wireless Management Station has system manager/security manager/gateway function based on ISA100.11a, and combining this with Field Wireless Access Point(YFGW510) and/or Field Wireless Media Converter(YFGW610) composes the field wireless system.

YFGW510/YFGW520 Field Wireless Access Point

YFGW510/YFGW520 Field Wireless Access Poin has backbone router function based on ISA, and combining this with Field Wireless Management Station (YFGW410) and/or Field Wireless Media Converter (YFGW610) composes the field wireless system.

YTMX580 Multi-Input Temperature Transmitter

YTMX580 can accept inputs from up to 8 points of measurement such as thermocouples (8 types: K, E, J, etc.) or RTD signals (3 types: Pt100, etc.), converting the corresponding measurement input values to a wireless signal. It can also accept DC voltage, resistance, and 4 to 20 mA DC signal input.

Field Wireless

The flexibility of wireless solutions enables less investment in infrastructure while providing greater insights into plant operations.


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