Automated control of glucose concentration in CHO cell cultures via an advanced control system

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As a solution to stably and efficiently drive the cultivation process of biopharmaceutical production, we have developed an advanced, integrated control system that both senses and predicts future state of glucose consumption. the basic nutrient source of cells, to a constant feed forward predicted value. The system has its own mathematical prediction model, using in-line measurements of glucose and lactate concentration by fourier transformed near-infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy and in-line measurements of viable cell density (VCD) by capacitance measurement as input values to estimate the specific rate of cells and future glucose concentration consumption. The system functions to automatically control dosing of glucose that maintains glucose at the user defined setpoint. It is expected to improve productivity and quality by finding the optimal glucose concentration set point for the cell line as well as increasing the reproducibility between batches compared to cultures where glucose is administered intermittently by conventional sampling.
This application note presents the results of controlling glucose concentration in CHO cell cultures to constant values with high accuracy.

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