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DOMO, The Netherlands
Replacement Control System / DOMO

Replacing control systems is a hot issue in The Netherlands at this moment. These revamps are complicated trajectories in which the users themselves are key-players. After all, their input is crucial for the way in which the migration will take place. DOMO, formerly Targor, is an excellent example. DOMO manufactures polypropylene at its Rotterdam location. DOMO thermoplast can be found in all aspects of our daily life. The control system in use for the past 15 years was due for replacement. Security, flexibility and quality were main issues during the replacement.

Marcel Kelder, field sales manager systems at Yokogawa Netherlands explains the policy: "We have chosen for a conceptual approach in which technology is obviously an important element but is in fact only a means to an end."

The project was executed in phases. For instance during the selection phase an in-depth inventory was made concerning all expectations and requirements. The Yokogawa Engineering and Maintenance departments have been involved from the beginning so that all available expertise was used, according to Marcel Kelder. This was only feasible because DOMO accepted our approach and gave us the opportunity to hold interviews. Based on the suggested solution DOMO decided to place an order for a CENTUM CS3000 control system to be combined with a PI information management system.

Quality care

Yokogawa formed a project group for the project. "Yokogawa knows exactly how our production works," says Tes Wells, project manager for DOMO. "Safety, traceable receipts and quality care are key elements. These aspects should ensure that we always can retrace what has happened to a product. Yokogawa sensed this concern."

The next step was to write a Functional Design Specification (FDS), describing typicals for control and sequences, conventions for graphics and procedures. The success of this report is mainly determined by the customer input. Jan Willem Mulder, manager Engineering: "It has been a very intensive part of the project for DOMO, a lot of documents had to be reworked. When the FDS was finished a beginning was made with the configuration of the CENTUM CS3000 system."

DOMO deliberately chose to involve the operators because they will work with the new system. In this kind of revamp projects their commitment is absolutely essential, according to Jan Willem Mulder. The involvement was reached by placing a completely virtual CENTUM CS3000 system with DOMO application in the control room at a very early stage so the operators could practise.

Yokogawa and DOMO have drawn up a commissioning plan and maintenance plan so that they are well prepared for the start of the new system. These plans however are not static. Cost saving and increased flexibility will continually give impulses to adjust these plans.


System: CENTUM CS 3000
Total I/O: 4405
System Configuration: 8 x HIS (Human Interface Station), 5 x FCS (Field Control Station), Engineering Workstation, Recipe Management Station, PIMS Server and Test and Training Station
Scope: Interface to 27 users and PIMS System, CS Batch 3000

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