Yokogawa Releases FIELDEYE II All-weather CCD Color Camera for Plant Monitoring

Tokyo, Japan - April 24, 2013

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the April 26 release of the first model in the new FIELDEYE II series of all-weather CCD cameras for the monitoring of plant facilities and premises. This new model, the FC33U, is non-explosionproof and has pan-tilt zoom functionality. Yokogawa plans to release an explosionproof model by the end of this year.

This new FIELDEYE II all-weather CCD camera is compact in size and features best-in-class performance, and is expected to provide a boost to Yokogawa's plant monitoring solution business.


Development Background

Many plants have security camera systems that allow the monitoring of production lines and other facilities from locations such as the central control room. Yokogawa entered this market with the 1997 release of the FIELDEYE series of all-weather CCD color cameras. Much smaller and lighter than other plant monitoring cameras on the market, these products have acquired a solid track record particularly here in Japan and other Asian countries.

The monitoring camera market has been expanding worldwide, driven by the recent increase in awareness of the need for heightened plant security. To improve plant safety, monitoring cameras that deliver high performance yet are easy-to-install are in demand. In response to these market needs, Yokogawa has developed this new FIELDEYE II series all-weather CCD color camera.

Product Features

  1. Compact and light, yet rugged and corrosion-resistant
    In contrast to the FIELDEYE series, which used an aluminum enclosure, FIELDEYE II series enclosures are made of robust, corrosion-resistant SUS316L*1 stainless steel. Although stainless steel is about three times denser than aluminum, the new enclosure weighs about the same as the aluminum enclosures used on our earlier products thanks to its small size (made possible by the redesign of camera system components) and the use of a thin-wall stainless steel casting process. The FC33U is one of the most compact non-explosionproof pan-tilt zoom type CCD camera systems on the market today, and is also one of the lightest products employing a stainless steel construction. With these characteristics, the FC33U is easier to install and can be used in a greater variety of locations.
  2. Camera with high sensitivity, magnification, and resolution
    As a standard feature, the camera unit, a core component of this product, has superior sensitivity (minimum illumination: 0.5 lux*2), zoom magnification (36× optical and 20× digital), and horizontal resolution (650 TV lines). As such, it is one of the best-performing plant monitoring cameras on the market today.

Major Applications

The monitoring of processes and facilities at oil, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food, and iron and steel plants

*1 A stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, fracture toughness, ductility, workability, and weldability that can be used in a wide variety of applications

*2 Approximately the brightness of a full moon


FIELDEYE plant monitoring cameras bring together Yokogawa's motion control technology and expertise in explosionproof design. Models with waterproof, dustproof, and explosionproof designs are suitable for use in a wide variety of plant settings. A defroster and a heater are included as standard features to prevent the formation of condensation and the freezing of components. An optional wiper is available that removes droplets and dirt from the lens. These cameras are thus suitable for use in all weather conditions. Video data can be transmitted over a single coaxial cable carrying multiplexed video and control signals or via an Ethernet network using a video server. Thanks to their high performance and reliability, FIELDEYE cameras have been purchased by numerous companies, particularly in Japan.

Products in the FIELDEYE II series will be manufactured by Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd. and sold by Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation in Japan, Yokogawa Group companies outside Japan, and distributors.


About Yokogawa

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