Yokogawa Establishes Yokogawa Analytical Solutions in Malaysia to Expand Process Analyzer Systems Business

Tokyo, Japan - December 4, 2014

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the establishment of Yokogawa Analytical Solutions in Malaysia. This new subsidiary, whose opening ceremony was held on December 3, will manufacture process analyzer systems for use in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and other industrial facilities. It is expected that the new company will play a role in expanding Yokogawa's process analyzer systems business.

Process analyzer systems consist of gas analyzers, liquid analyzers, and sampling instruments, and are installed in a dedicated structure that is called an "analyzer house." As demand for such systems is expected to grow in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, Yokogawa has established Yokogawa Analytical Systems to speed up its response to customers in these markets.

The engineering of process analyzer systems requires advanced technical knowledge and expertise. To improve the quality and reduce the cost of such systems, Yokogawa Electric Corporation has shared its engineering and assembly expertise with other companies in the Yokogawa Group. Previously, Yokogawa companies in the U.S. and Singapore were principally responsible for large process analyzer systems projects. With the establishment of Yokogawa Analytical Solutions, this company will work with these companies to optimize the utilization of production resources within the Group. Through the establishment of this new collaborative network, Yokogawa aims to increase the sales for its process analyzer systems business from 15 billion yen in fiscal year 2013 to 20 billion yen in fiscal year 2020.

By localizing Yokogawa Analytical Solutions' procurement of materials and hiring of personnel, Yokogawa aims to provide a boost to the Malaysian economy.

Yokogawa Analytical Solutions Sdn Bhd
Yokogawa Analytical Solutions Sdn Bhd

Yokogawa Analytical Solutions Sdn Bhd

  • Location: Johor (the southernmost state on the Malay Peninsula)
  • Representatives: Seizo Nakamura (chairman), Daniel Goh (managing director)
  • Capital: Approx. 50 million yen
  • Establishment: June 24, 2014
  • Start of operation: November 1, 2014
  • Business: Manufacturing of process analyzer systems
  • Stakeholder: Yokogawa Electric International* (100%)
    * Yokogawa's subsidiary for managing sales and engineering for the global control business in all markets except Japan
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Floor area: Approx. 3,800 ㎡

History of Yokogawa's process analyzer systems business

  • 1997: Made a full-scale entry into the process analyzer systems business by taking a stake in Measurementation Inc., a process analyzer systems integrator
  • 1998: Set up a process analyzer systems engineering and assembly department at a subsidiary in Singapore
  • 2002: Fully integrated Measurementation Inc.'s operations with those at Yokogawa's U.S. subsidiary


About Yokogawa

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