The YS1700 Programmable Indicating Controller can be tailored for various applications by running a user program, and offers high reliability thanks to Yokogawa's proprietary technology, user friendliness, and expandability. Standard models are smaller and lighter than earlier series, requiring less space for installation, and are compliant with international safety standards including the CE Mark and FM nonincendive (optional) approvals. For easy replacement of earlier controllers, models requiring the same panel cutout dimensions and depth as those of earlier models are also offered.

About OpreX

OpreX is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business and stands for excellence in the related technology and solutions. It consists of categories and families under each category. This product belongs to the OpreX Control Devices family that is aligned under the OpreX Control category.



  • Excellent legibility thanks to a  full-dot color LCD: High visibility of the display screen is ensured even in direct sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon. The user can freely access a desired operation display from meter, trend display, bar graph, alarm, and event displays. All parameters can be set via the front panel display.
  • Function block programming: Besides the text programming compatible with earlier models, the YS1700 offers the new GUI-based programming method, function block program- ming. The optional YSS1000 Setting Software for YS1000 Series is used to develop user programs.
  • Large programming capacity: Program capacity is 1000 steps for a text program, and 400 modules for a function block program.
  • More powerful control and calculation functions: IEEE754- format four-byte floating-point calculations enable actual values to be used in calculations. More than a hundred types of calculation modules are featured, including exponential and logarithmic functions, temperature compensation, and pressure compensation.
  • Function selection mode (needs no programming): The multi-function controller mode allows control to be selected from frequently used functions (single-loop, cascade, or selector control) without programming. Function assign- ments to digital and analog inputs/outputs (DIs, DOs, AIs, and AOs) can be determined by parameter settings.
  • Expandable I/O: The basic type with expandable I/O has eight analog inputs, four analog outputs, ten digital inputs or ten digital outputs (total fourteen digital inputs and outputs).
  • Fail-safe: Thanks to dual CPU (one for control and one for display), display and manual operations are enabled even during a failure of either CPU. The hard manual circuit incor- porated independently from the digital circuits enables the controller output to be adjusted manually during a failure of a digital circuit including both CPUs. (The hard manual circuit is not incorporated when the /NHM option is specified.)
  • Nonvolatile memory for memory backup: No battery or capacitor is used for memory backup, facilitating maintenance.
  • AC/DC dual power supply with wide operating voltage range to ensure stability against supply voltage fluctuations: Can be driven by either an AC (100 V) or DC (24 V) power supply. Furthermore, the DC power supply enables receiving power without polarity. (Must be specified upon ordering if using a 220 V AC power supply.)
  • 250 mm depth (for basic types only)
  • Dust- and splash-proof IP54 faceplate (for basic type only)
  • CE Mark (for basic type and YS100 compliant type only)
  • FM Nonincendive explosion protection (optional for basic type only)
  • Communication (optional) - Ethernet (Modbus/TCP; for basic type only) - RS485 (PC Link, Modbus, Peer-to-Peer communication, and YS protocol; unavailable for YS80 internal unit-compatible type) - DCS-LCS communication
  • Compatibility with YS100 Series: Setting and control operations can be done with the same feel. For basic-type cases, terminal-to-terminal pitches differ but the signal-to-terminal arrangement is almost the same.

Easy to use



YSS1000 Configuration and Programming Software

New graphic programming tool

New graphic programming tool
Supports on-line module monitaring function
Program capacity
Supports 400 Blocks

Programming is easier with our intuitive function block programming.
The online module monitoring function allows you to confirm the performance while programming.

Original text based programming

Original text based programming
Backwards compatible with existing YS170 users programs.
Increased programming capacity allows you to create more sophisitated control schemes.

Programming demonstration video

Programming demonstration video 

Three connection modes

Three connection modes
Connection modes: USB, Ethernet or RS485
When connecting via RS485 or Ethernet, a communication option is required on the main unit.

Full set of computation functions

  • Supports parameter setting for all YS1000 models

  • Support for YS1700 custom programming.

    • Calculations done using Engineering units and Floating point math.

    • Includes over one-hundred computation modules for exponents,
      logarithms, temperature/pressure correction, and other operations.

    • Function blocks (sub-programs) can be saved and reused.

Password protection function

Passwords can be assigned to user programs to prevent unauthorized access to proprietary programs.
A password on the main unit prevents unexpected changes in the engineering parameters.

Compact case
Designed with a Lightweight, Compact Case

Designed with a Lightweight, Compact Case

Designed with a Lightweight, Compact Case

Provides for greater freedom of instrumentation design

Compact, lightweight design allows the use of smaller and less expensive panel. Moreover, it allows attachment to doors which was previously difficult.

Simple exterior 

High reliability

Control Output Backup Function

The control output backup function comes standard with YS1000 series controllers (YS1700 and YS1500) and the Manual Station for MV Setting (YS1360).

Dual CPU

Dual CPU

With dual-CPU construction (main CPU and display CPU), manual control capability and display continues even if an abnormality occurs on one of the CPUs. If controller self-diagnostics detects a control circuit failure, the controller can suspend analog/digital output, switch to manual mode and allow manual control by operator.

Failure area
Main CPU fail Display CPU fail All CPU and
Control Circuit
Control with "Hard manual" X X X
Manual operation with front keys X X N/A
Display for PV and SV X X N/A
Control algorithm stop stop stop

Manual operation-"hard manual"

Independent manual override is built into the control circuits, ensuring that control output can continue even when a control circuit including the CPU experiences a problem.

*Comes standard with YS1700-1xx, YS1500-1xx, YS1360-1xx

Manual operation-"hard manual"


Battery free memory backup

Nonvolatile memory is used for memory backup. Service life is improved because no batteries, backup capacitors, or other components are used.


AC/DC power supply resists powerline fluctuations

The AC/DC (100 V /24 V ) power supply powers the instrument to provide consistent performance.Also accepts DC power regardless of polarity (specify 220 V power supply when ordering).


Improved basic control performance

The YS1000 series achieves higher performance than previous models (YS100 series).

  • I/O accuracy
    Voltage input accuracy: ±0.2% ⇒ ±0.1%
    Voltage output accuracy: ±0.3% ⇒ ±0.1%
    Current output accuracy: ±1.0% ⇒ ±0.2%
  • Internal data resolution of the I/O signal: 1/1000 ⇒ 1/10000
  • Internal computation resolution of PID and other computations: 1/4096 ⇒ 1/65536


Controller online replacement function (portable manual station)

Use the YS110 portable manual station when exchanging or performing maintenance on a controller. You can switch to the spare controller without interrupting the control output.

Controller online replacement function


Front panel conforms to the IP54 waterproof standard

Tougher environmental resistance.

Front panel conforms to the IP54 waterproof standard


Other specification

  • CE Mark (for basic type and compatible type for YS100)
  • FM nonincendive approved (FM Class I, DIV 2)
  • CSA safety and nonincendive approved (Class I, DIV 2)

Powerful and Flexible

Ethernet support

The instrument can be easily connected to DAQWORX, SMARTDAC+, general-purpose SCADA, and OPC servers via Ethernet (Modbus/TCP).

Ethernet support

Ethernet : Available to the YS1000 basic type. Modbus/TCP server function (one connection).

Communication with PLC

Connections are enabled using the FA-M3' s UT link module and the RS485 communication function. No programming is necessary to exchange data between the instrument and the FA-M3.

Communication with PLC

The YS1000 can also be connected to PLCs of various manufacturers via the Modbus communication protocol.

Expandable I/O

Additional I/O can be added by selecting the YS1700 basic model (with Expandable I/O). The total number of input/outputs points with the main unit and Expandable I/O are 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, and 14 DI/DO.

Expandable I/O

External AI: 3 inputs
External AO: 1 outputs
External DI: 4 points
External DO: 4 points

Note: An interface for the additional Expandable I/O cannot be added after delivery. If there is a possibility that extra input/outputs will be needed, we recommend that you start with the basic model (with expansion I/O).

Communication with CENTUM

As with previous models, communication with Yokogawa's DCS (CENTUM) is supported. This is ideal for DCS backup in chemical plants and other applications requiring extreamly high reliability.

Applicable Models: YS1700,YS1500,YS1350,and YS1360

Communication with CENTUM

Peer-to-peer communication function

With peer-to-peer communication, up to 32 YS1700 can be connected interchangeably. Four of the connected instruments can each output 4 points of analog data and 16 points of status data.
This makes data exchange and I/O sharing possible since all instruments under peer-to-peer communications can read all data (16 analog and 64 status data).

Peer-to-peer communication function

Maximum no. of connections 32
No. of receiving units 32
No. of transmitting units 4
Transmitted data 4 analog and 16 status data per transmitting YS1700
Communication interval 200 ms average (not synchronized to the control computation interval)

Control Function

Self-tuning (STC)
Simplifies tuning when starting up or changing the process unit under control.

Self-tuning (STC)

Setpoint filter (SVF)
Can optimize tracking with changes in set-points. Also can maintain optimum responsiveness to disturbances.

Setpoint filter (SVF)

Flexible DI/DO
The YS1700/YS1500’s six DI/DO terminals can be used for both input and output.

Programmable function key

With a user program, the program function key (PF key) on the instrument’s front panel can be used as an ON/OFF switch for self-tuning, or as a Start button for sequence operation.

Programmable function key




Best Solution for Automatic Boiler Control
Sensors and controllers for the efficiency and environmental performance

Application Note
  • In the YS170 and SLPC, single-element control needs to be configured within the user program.
  • The YS1700, however, offers the primary direct mode so that the user program can switch on and off single-element control by changing a parameter.

For safe and efficient operation, the quality of feedwater, steam, and condensate in boiler plants must be controlled and maintained in the most favorable conditions.

  • Effeciently controls the inlet valve and blow-off valve when the compressor starts and stops.
  • During steady operation, controls the inlet valve so that the amount of discharged compressed air becomes constant (flow control)
  • Surging: Load decreases, the amount of discharge flow and pressure drop, and a limit is exceeded, possibly destroying the compressor.

Floating-point format calculations have enabled physical quantities (in engineering units) to be used in calculations.


In district heating/cooling and other systems, signals from flow meters can undergo temperature compensation in a totalizer to measure usage of warm water and other quantities. Here we give an example of how to perform temperature compensation of flow using the YS1700 Single Loop Controller in place of a dedicated totalizer.


To technology in iron & steel industry is continuously improved to obtain the best possible performance. The improved plant performance gives rise to the higher quality improvement and lower cost, and simultaneously environmental friendly plant operation.


Continuous technology improvement is ongoing in the pulp & paper industry to obtain the best possible performance. The improved plant performance translates to the higher quality improvement and lower cost, and simultaneously environmental friendly plant operation.


Automated control of industrial boilers is an excellent application for YS1700 microprocessor-based loop controllers. These instruments can be programmed to perform the operations of plant master, boiler master, fuel and air control with oxygen trim and drum level/feedwater control.


The boiler combustion control system is designed to maintain a proper air/fuel mixture under varying load conditions and within safe limits. The system should provide nearly complete fuel combustion as efficiently as possible. Discussions here are limited to oil and/or natural gas fired industrial boilers. 

Please check the following 2 points. Is the hard manual switch ON? Is the C/A/M mode key lock on LOCK? Note: To avoid changing modes unintentionally, the instrument is designed so that you have to hold down the C/A/M key for approximately 1 sec...
Please check the following 3 points. Is an input signal going to the cascade input terminal? If the cascade input terminal is open (IOP), the instrument is designed not to change from AUTO to CAS. Is CMOD1=CAS or CMP set? Is the operation mode A...
When using a 24 VDC power supply, since the rated power specification is 3 W, use the YS021 (250 Ω shunt resistor). For others, you can use the X010-250-1 external precision resistor with a rated power of 0.5 W.
If you share (wire) the DI's COM there will be no isolation between the DI's inputs, but otherwise there should be no problem.
“With hard manual unit” means you can manually operate the unit by using the hard manual circuits inside the front panel. Also, since the hard manual circuits are independent of the digital circuits, operation output continues even when t...
Yes, but even if it writes every control interval of 50 msec, you can use it for 10 years or more.
The YS1700-0** supports 1 connection, and the YS1700-1** and YS1700-2** support 2 connections.
Check CMOD1 on function setting screen 2 (CONFIG2). If it's a minus setting, set either CAS or CMP.
No. You must switch to AUTO mode first, and then switch to CAS mode. This is the same as a front panel key or DI operation.
USAGE shows usage of the model and suffix codes. -0xx are 2014/05 or earlier products, and -1xx and -2xx are enhanced versions sold in 2014/05. A mismatch occurs when YS1x00-0xx data is input to a YS of YS1x00-1xx or YS1x00-2xx. Upload data again fro...
Yes, if you convert the parameters and user programs to YS1700 format. To convert from the old model, use the YSS1000 setting software. TI 01B08A02-08EN Replacement Guide SLPC -> YS1700 User Program Conversion TI 01B08A02-07EN Replacement Guid...
Refer to the following materials with replacement model formats, installation and wiring, and outer dimensions. TI 01B08A02-05EN YS1000 Replacement Guide Overview, Model Conversion TI 01B08A02-06EN YS1000 Series Replacement Guide Installation and...




The YSS1000 setting software (hereinafter referred to as the YSS1000) is package software to configure the functions of the YS1000 series (hereinafter referred to as the YS1000) devices. Writing and reading of parameters and user programs of the YS1000, and PID tuning and monitoring of user programs can be performed through the use of communication.

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