Temperature and Pressure Compensation for Ideal Gas

Floating-point format calculations have enabled physical quantities (in engineering units) to be used in calculations.

  • When using calculation modules in the earlier YS Series:
    Scaling needs to be performed by the user to normalize physical quantities into the standard internal data form (0 to 100%) so that those quantities can be processed.
  • When using a temperature and pressure compensation module in a YS1700:
    • Thanks to floating-point format calculations, no scaling is needed.
    • Online monitor enables the interim calculation results between calculation modules to be checked.

Note: Online monitor can only be used for user programs coded in function block programming, and thus cannot be used for those coded in text programming.

Calculations in YS1700

  1. Assign scaling of temperature and pressure input values.
  2. Configure a calculation block for temperature and pressure compensation of flow rates of ideal gas.
  3. Assign BSC to perform a PID calculation.

Calculations in YS1700


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