Power and Energy Meter PR720

1 unit, 2 roles: An energy saving monitor and power equipment meter

The PR720 is a Switch Board mount power monitor that accurately meets two needs: power equipment metering and energy saving monitoring.
It supports embedded installation in facilities that promote energy saving such as switchboards and generators in factories, buildings, offices, schools, and large stores.

  • Easy-to-read bar graph display, and numeric display of any 4 elements simultaneously
  • Multi-measurement centralizes conventional analog meters into a single unit
  • Switchable from single-phase 2-wire to 3-phase 3-wire, with a universal design supply voltage that shares both AD and DC
  • Demand monitoring function comes standard for efficient monitoring of power demand
  • Communication function supports a variety of networks

* VJET signal conditioner is required for Ethernet connection.
*920 MHz wireless connection requires the UPM or UTA with a wireless function.

4 Features

About OpreX


OpreX is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business and stands for excellence in the related technology and solutions. It consists of categories and families under each category. This product belongs to the OpreX Components family that is aligned under the OpreX Measurement category.


Multimeter and 4 element simultaneous display

Display any 4 measuring elements and together on the LCD.
Simultaneously monitor measured values from three-phase circuits such as three-phase current/voltage. One unit can replace multiple meters, greatly reducing cost, space, and wiring.

Multimeter and 4 element simultaneous display

Also measures reactive power, demand current, demand power, and other values, and comes with pulse output and communication output functions.


Improved visibility

Easy-to-read bar graph display, and numeric display of any 4 elements simultaneously.
Compatible with conventional 110-square mechanical meters. No need to redesign the mounting panel.

Display and Operation
Image Zoom

Improved visibility


PR720 as a Three-phase Three-wire System

Power monitoring even more efficient with demand alarm and communication function

Increased power monitoring efficiency by condensing these functions into a single unit: watt hour integral pulse output, alarm output of demand current/demand power, RS-485 communication (Modbus), and others.



Power supply: 100–240 VAC and 80–143 VDC (both AC and DC uses)
Input specifications: Use parameters to switch between single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire, and three-phase three-wire


Communication RS-485 Communication Protocol Modbus/RTU
Connection Method Multi-drop connection
Communication distance Maximum 1,000 m
Baud Rate 4800, 9600,19200, 38400 bps
Maximum Number of Connected Units 31 units/Line
Integrated Monitoring Software Data Logging Software GA10
Power supply AC 85 to 264V 50/60 Hz 10 VA, DC 80 to 143V 6 W


Example of Connection Diagram

Example of Connection Diagram


External Dimensions/Panel Cutout Dimensions

External Dimensions, Panel Cutout Dimensions


This instrument is a panel-mount energy meter that aggregates many functions in a single unit, such as voltage (x3), current (x3), demand current (x3), power, power demand, reactive power, power factor, frequency, watt hours, reactive energy, and all...
Since the phase wire type is universal (parameter setting), it is not necessary to specify it at the time of purchase.
No, up to 300 V of direct input is also possible.
It supports the Modbus (RTU) protocol.
You can select constant on, off, automatic off, and set the brightness.
Input consumption VA: Voltage circuit 0.25 VA or less (110 V) 0.5 VA or less (220 V) Current circuit 0.1 VA or less (5 A)
M3 screw terminal connection (pulse output, communication, contact input, alarm output terminal) M4 screw terminal connection (voltage / current input, power supply)
The amount of power or the amount of invalid power can be output.
Yes. Terminating resistor: 100 Ω (by short-circuiting no. 17 (-) and no. 19 (TERM), a terminating resistor is connected inside)
You can configure it to reset alarms or maximum/minimum values, or to reset all alarms and maximum/minimum values.
Inrush current: Rated voltage AC110 V 2.2 A or less (about 2.5 ms) Rated voltage AC220 V 4.4 A or less (about 2.5 ms) Rated voltage DC110 V 1.6 A or less (about 2.5 ms)
Yes, by using our VJET signal converter (Ethernet/RS-485 converter).
AC: 10 VA DC: 6 W
About 1 second (bar graph: 0.25 seconds).
Yes. Terminal covers are attached to the PR720.
Power range: AC 85–264 V 50/60 Hz DC 80–143 V for both AC and DC
The PR720. Some specifications differ from the PR300. The PR720 does not have analog output or Ethernet communication. See the specifications for details. ...


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