DAQManager is a software program that enables you to manage measured data from paperless recorders on a PC. Data loaded onto DAQManager can be quickly and easily searched by date/time, tag name, batch name, and other criteria. Channels recorded on different instruments and at different intervals can be displayed in the same trend graph.

  • Indexing to Enable Quick Searches
  • Variety of Graphs
  • Easy Data Loading/Importing
  • Data Auto Merge


Powerful high-speed data management functions streamline routine tasks.


Indexing to Enable Quick Searches

Quick searchesYou can easily find desired data such as tag names, alarms, and messages using date/time, batch names, and other search criteria. Searches yield quick results thanks to indexes of the managed information registered when data files are loaded into DAQManager.

Variety of Graphs

Variety of GraphsYou can display data files not only "as-is", but also by selecting channels of individual instruments or of differing recording intervals for display on a single trend graph. User created graphs can be printed, converted (to text or Excel format), saved, and recalled for future analysis.

Easy Data Loading/Importing

Easy Data Logging/Inporting

To load data, simply specify its folder. DAQManager automatically manages information such as date/time and batch by the instrument on which it was originally recorded – frees the user from complicated folder structures. Using DAQWORX DAQEXPLORER and other software, you can automatically forward data files for complete automation of data recovery tasks.

Data Auto Merge

Data Auto MergeData saved separately to multiple files are automatically merged. DAQManager treats data as continuous data from memory start to memory stop (or as "in progress" during continuous recording), and data continuity from file to file is confirmed without requiring any action by the user.

DAQManager can:

  • Ex.1: Search data from even dozens of recorders by tag names and dates/times.
  • Ex.2: Search various batch data by batch information and messages.
  • Application1: Every Monday, display a list of alarms that occurred during the previous weekend.
  • Application2: Extract only drainage data from recorders at all factories and consolidate on a single graph.

For details, see general specifications sheet GS 04L47B01-01EN.

Model and Suffix codes

Model code Suffix code Option code Description
DXA250     DAQManager
Delivered format -1   Installation medium: CD-ROM


Yes. With DAQManager, you can specify the folder containing the recorded data files as the auto-import destination, then set it for automatic conversion to Excel. Note that this is not supported with addition of the advanced security option (suffix c...


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