OpreX Operation and Maintenance Improvement

Providing continuous support of improvement activities, specifying areas to increase operational productivity and enhancing maintenance efficiency related to the customer’s operations.

Effective alarm management provides a clear view of the operating conditions, eliminating the blind spots that can lead to unnecessary plant downtime. 

Yokogawa gathers operational data for automatic calculation of KPIs to provide periodical benchmarking reports.

SensPlus™ Buddy is a communication support service for providing timely and accurate support to sites from a remote location by using a mobile device to improve the efficiency of maintenance work and reduce losses.

The SensPlus Note is a digital note which is easy as using pen on a paper notebook. All information recorded is instantly shared between members which helps improve maintenance efficiency, quality and accuracy.

Procedure Analysis for SOP Optimization is to achieve consistent and efficient operating performance in DCS manual operation. By YOKOGAWA’s machine learning technology, the best operating practice can be identified based on DCS data collected from the plant.

Alarm Behavior Analysis service provides a report to recommend some of the candidates that can be considered for alarm improvement, based on huge data from CENTUM alarm history.

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