OpreX Transformation

Comprehensive core solutions that take the broad view in driving operational excellence throughout all an enterprise’s business activities, from production to the supply chain and business management


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By integrating our management consulting services that are based on best-in-class domain knowledge, abundant industry expertise, and production automation solutions, we are uniquely well positioned to provide the support needed to optimize operations and enhance corporate value. We provide the comprehensive solutions needed to effect change.


Solutions that support optimization of all parts of the supply chain, from raw material supply to product delivery, and help to ensure that business operations can respond quickly and efficiently to market changes and shifts in demand.

Solutions that help companies optimize production of their most valuable products and maximize the value of management resources, allowing the fullest possible use of facilities and other hardware assets.

Solutions that help companies avoid catastrophic losses and make their businesses more robust by managing safety, health, and environmental risks for specific business processes and the individuals engaged in those processes.

Solutions that reduce maintenance costs and improve facility reliability and availability. We ensure that our customers can respond quickly to any business opportunities that may arise due to changes in market conditions.

Solutions that utilize unique indexing methods based on Yokogawa operations expertise to support the collaboration between organizations needed to achieve key management goals.

Solutions that facilitate the joint creation of value by establishing an environment that enables the sharing of data and knowledge on everything from planning to operations.

Solutions that operate in real time to maximize the utilization of management resources.

Introducing an OpreX Transformation special solution: OpreX Batch Solution

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