Secured Remote Services

Yokogawa provides high-speed connection to the customer’s system. With the highly secure VPSRemote system, we strongly support our customer’s maintenance operations. Yokogawa provides total solution to ensure stable operation of your system and respond to any emergency.

  • Field Data Digitizer SensPlus Note

    The SensPlus Note is a digital note which is easy as using pen on a paper notebook. All information recorded is instantly shared between members which helps improve maintenance efficiency, quality and accuracy.

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  • SensPlus™ Buddy Communication

    SensPlus™ Buddy is a communication support service for providing timely and accurate support to sites from a remote location by using a mobile device to improve the efficiency of maintenance work and reduce losses.

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  • Security Program

    Yokogawa’s cybersecurity services take a lifecycle approach to help customers control the security risks and manage them to achieve the highest business continuity plan throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle. 

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  • OpreX Managed Service

    Yokogawa’s OpreX Managed Service provides integrated asset management service for all your assets, including PCs, controllers, field devices, cybersecurity, and IIoT devices. Delivering real-time clarity and insight on asset performance, reliability, and security, OpreX Managed Service improves maintenance effectivity and efficiency, and contributes to reducing unplanned downtime. 


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