Supplier Helpline

If you become aware of Yokogawa group procurement person who do actions that do not comply with the Decree related to transactions, Yokogawa Group Corporate Philosophy, Yokogawa Group Code of Conduct, Procurement Basic Policy, Transaction Contract, etc., please contact this helpline.

Contact Form

This helpline form was set up for correcting perceived actions and preventing future misconduct actions. Your post description will be assessed by department other than the procurement department.
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  • Please refrain from contacting us about the following inquiries:
    Those unrelated to non-compliance (violation of related laws and regulations): slander, libel, etc. to individuals
  • Regarding inquiries from helpline, we will investigate the facts and, in principle, will contact the person who made the report, so please contact us with the specific details as much as possible.
  • Please note that we may not contact you regarding reports related to matters not related to non-compliance.

Personal Information

  • In order to protect the privacy of the person making the report, personal information and the content of the report will be handled with due consideration, and will be owned and handled only by a limited number of investigators.
  • We will not disclose it to a third party without the consent of the individual.
  • The content of the report will be used only for investigation and response based on the report.
  • The person making the report or the company to which he/she belongs will not be treated unfavorably because of the report, inquiry, or consultation.
  • If you make a report, we will assume that you have agreed to this content.