Production Management Software

Production Management consists of systems and methods that are used to control and optimize the manufacturing of products and materials in industrial plants and facilities. Software solutions used in the role range from advanced multi-variable process control to Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Yokogawa provides many solutions in this area including Process Information Management Systems (PIMS) and Operations Management through to real-time model based process control and optimization.

  • Downtime Analytics (Exaquantum/DTA)

    Planned production is often compromised by unplanned Downtime incidents and sub-optimal production rates that are not quantified in terms of Time, Rate Loss and the associated Reasons. Without this quantifiable information there is no way to consistently identify potential downtime causes and to assign activities to make the necessary improvements avoiding future lost production.

  • Power Performance Calculations (Exaquantum/PPC)

    Power plant operators have been analyzing plant performance for many years using a variety of techniques. This information has typically been available to only a select number of users such as process engineers, leaving the broader community oblivious to this important information.

  • Productieplanning

    Planning systemen zijn bedoeld om de productie van een geoptimaliseerd productieplan te ondersteunen. Dit wordt bereikt door het begrijpen van de beperkingen van het productieproces, het verzamelen van orders uit ERP-systemen en voorraadinformatie uit de MES-laag. 



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