Mijnbouw en metaal

Bij mijnbouw worden waardevolle mineralen of geologische materialen uit de aarde gewonnen. Een rendabele winning vereist vaak een hoge verwerkingscapaciteit en een hoge beschikbaarheid van het proces met lage bedrijfskosten en strenge veiligheids- en milieuvoorschriften.

Nedmag Industries Mining & Manufacturing B.V., Veendam, The Netherlands

Nedmag Industries Mining & Manufacturing B.V., Veendam, Nederland
PRM, FieldMate

  • FDT-technologie geeft gebruikers gecentraliseerde toegang tot alle apparaten.
  • FDT-technologie biedt een gemeenschappelijke omgeving voor het configureren, bedienen of onderhouden van alle apparaten.



Kyushu Mitsui Aluminium uses the UPM100 Power Monitor for its overall factory operations, and the DX1000 Paperless Recorder for its high-purity aluminum refining furnaces.

  • Configuration of complicated procedures in Exapilot leads to operational excellence.
  • DENKA wanted to standardize the operation, reduce workload and prevent operator errors.
  • FDT-technologie maakt centrale toegang tot alle instrumenten mogelijk 
  • Geïntegreerde aanpak leidt tot kostenbesparingen
  • Realization of current and historical data viewing and storage
  • Achievement of easy measurement of alarm load and in-depth alarm analysis

CENTUM VP was selected to increase production output of a gold refinery in Australia.
The unprecedented reliability and availability of CENTUM ensured zero unplanned downtime.


Magnetic Flowmeter dual frequency excitation provides immunity to slurry noise by good stability and accuracy, determining the maintenance timing can be recognized by monitoring of electrodes.


Most zinc are produced at hydrometallurgically, where a high-grade zinc product can be obtained and valuable metals mixed in the raw material can be recovered. In the hydrometallurgy, the raw material of zinc concentrate is roasted and then dissolved in sulfuric acid to remove impurities. The process called leaching and pH control of the leachate is important.

Industry:Chemical, Power


Data critical for quality control in aluminum casting is monitored and recorded by the DX1000/DX2000. Various kinds of data from a holding furnace are batch recorded, and data during occurrence of alarms is recorded separately.


The world of process automation is governed by procedures. While we like to refer to the process industries as being largely "continuous", this could not be further from the truth. Process manufacturing is constantly in flux.


The automation suppliers that will be successful in the long term will be those that effectively address application or industry specific problems for end users with a value proposition that cannot be ignored. These problems exist throughout the process industries today, and they won't be solved by simply offering a product, but through a combination of hardware, software, services, application expertise, and knowledge.


Yokogawa has come a long way in making its message clear to the world of process automation. Last year, the company embarked on a full-scale global marketing campaign to make customers aware of the company's focus on system reliability, security, dependability, and robustness. Dubbed "Vigilance", the campaign created a unified message for the company and greatly helped expand awareness of the Yokogawa brand and corporate philosophy.


Process automation end users are under more pressure than ever to do more with less. The current economic climate means that many automation capital projects are on hold. With capital budgets tighter than ever, users instead focus on operational budgets (where cost cutting is also a key concern), or on automation investments with a very rapid return on investment.


In today's dynamic industrial marketplace, the only constant is change. Raw material costs, energy costs, market demands, environmental and safety regulations, technology, and even the nature of the labor force itself are constantly changing, and not always in predictable directions.




COVID, de dalende olieprijs en de vergrijzing zorgen voor een onstabiel economisch klimaat. In deze recording bespreekt Hans Hennekam 3 klant cases om hier flexibiel op in te kunnen spelen, de uptime verhogen, kosten verlagen en de veiligheid verbeteren.


Bekijk de recording van het meest bekeken FHI #PPA2021 webinar! Tijdens dit online event presenteerde Niels Huttenhuis van Yokogawa praktijkcases rond de topics: robots, predictive maintenance (IIoT) en asset management – die onze klanten al in gebruik hebben en de basis vormen voor industriële autonomie.


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