Een kritiek punt voor een waterdistributienetwerk is waterlekkage uit de leidingen. Yokogawa levert oplossingen voor het beheersen van waterverliezen, om de verliezen in het waterdistributienetwerk te minimaliseren.



To reduce non-revenue water, water companies need to reduce water leakage.

Yokogawa provides a total water loss management system from measuring the flow and pressure at the inlet of a District Metered Area (DMA) through remote terminal units (RTU), to SCADA systems and water loss management (WLM) systems on the water distribution network.

The total water loss management system analyzes the night flow for calculating actual losses in DMAs. It then provides information for reducing losses by pressure management, water balance information, field service information tools, interfacing with GIS systems, economic level of leakage, management reports, etc.

These functions are provided as modules, so it is easy to start with the minimum functions and add more advanced functions depending on the size of your application and existing systems.

  • Water balance module
  • Night flow analysis module
  • Pressure management module
  • Field service management module

Automation products                            

Solution-based Software

  • Operation efficiency improvement package:  Exapilot
  • Event analysis package:  Exaplog
  • Plant information management system: Exaquantum
  • Plant resource manager: PRM
  • Water Loss Management System                        


  • SCADA : Fast/Tools
  • PLC & RTU: Stardom, FA-M3

Distributed Control System (DCS)


Data Acquisition & Control Equipment

  • Paperless recorders : GX10/GX20, GP10/GP20, DL850E/DL850EV, XL120
  • Data acquisition equipment : SMARTDAC+ GX/GP series, Daqstation series
  • Temperature controller: UT Series Temperature Controllers
  • Digital indicating controller: UP Series Program Controllers, UM Series Digital Indicators with Alarms
  • Single-loop controllers: YS1000 Series, YS80 Series
  • Solar tracking controllers: HXS10-SolStation                 

Field Wireless Products

  • Field wireless multi-function module : FN510
  • Field wireless multi-protocol module: FN310
  • Wireless differential pressure/pressure transmitter: EJX B Series
  • Wireless temperature transmitter: YTA510
  • Multi-input temperature transmitter: YTMX580
  • Paperless recorder wireless model: GX20W
  • Field wireless management station: YFGW410
  • Field wireless access point: YFGW510
  • Field wireless media converter: YFGW610    
  • Field wireless integrated gateway:  YFGW710
  • Versatile device management wizard: FieldMate                

Field Instruments

  • Pressure: EJX, EJA series
  • Magnetic flowmeter: ADMAG series
  • Vortex flowmeter: digitalYEWFLO series
  • Coriolis mass flowmeter: ROTAMASS 3-series
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter: US300PM, US300FM
  • Temperature: YTA Series    
  • Level transmitter: EJX, EJA series
  • Radar level meter: PULS60Y series
  • Guided wave radar level meter: FLEX80Y series
  • Ultrasonic level meter: SON60Y series                                     

Liquid Analyzers

  • pH/ORP analyzer: PH450G, FLXA202, FLXA21, PH202, SENCOM Series
  • Conductivity analyzer: SC450G, DC402G, FLXA202 , FLXA21, SC202, ISC450G, ISC202
  • Turbidity analyzer: TB750G, TB400G
  • Dissolved oxygen analyzer: DO402G, FLXA202, FLXA21, DO202
  • Chlorine analyzer: FC400G, FC500G, RC400G
  • MLSS analyzer: SS400
  • Liquid density analyzer: DM8


  • To bring the customer a real-time monitoring and management capability, Yokogawa installed STARDOM (FCJ), flow meters, and transmitters at key points throughout the distribution network.
  • The STARDOM FCJ controllers achieved an accurate water loss management system while keeping the running costs to a minimum.

Supervising and control water flow over the geographically distributed area is important to prevent fluid loss and disaster for fiscal and safety reasons.

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