Gevaar- en risicobeoordeling

Following the Hazards and Risk Assessment, the IEC 61511 safety lifecycle model requires that identified SIFs are assigned a target measure of their reliability to perform the safety function.

Customer Challenges

According to IEC 61511, the very first step in the process safety lifecycle is to  identify all potential hazards in the process and the associated equipment. This step is crucial as all subsequent functional safety activities are designed around preventing these hazards or mitigating their impact.

Our Solution

Yokogawa works closely with the site plant engineers. All aspects of the process plant is scrutinized node-by-node, to identify hazard and operational issues. During this critical assessment, safeguards including safety instrumented functions (SIF) are identified and recorded for each of the situations.

Customer Benefits

Yokogawa utilises field experienced Functional Safety Experts, who are skilled in systematic hazard identification methods, to ensure all potential hazards in the process plant are identified. Upon completion of the Hazard and Risk Assessment clients are provided with:

  • An overview of all possible unwanted disturbances and their initiating events
  • Determination of existing or new SIFs and other safeguards for each hazard
  • Documentation of the HAZOPs results and justification for Safety Functions
  • Action plan for improvements of the process or required clarification


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