Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP)

Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) optimizes assets and asset operations in a refinery or petrochemical plant to ensure that they are continuously responding to market signals and disturbances.

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Key areas for Operational Excellence Transformation

Asset Operations and Optimization

Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) is Yokogawa and KBC’s co-innovated portfolio of solutions and services. We provide comprehensive solutions for business automation in all four areas using consulting and digital technology.

Asset Operations and Optimization

Asset Operation and Optimization deals with realizing the potential of physical assets by pushing throughput and maximizing the production of the highest-value products, while minimizing variable costs, such as energy. It ensures small and large capital expenditure projects are delivered on time and on budget, to achieve growth and meet environmental requirements. Through these competencies, it will be possible for companies to take full advantage of their physical assets. Yokogawa’s Asset Operation and Optimization solution leverage industry-leading technology to generate precise operating information to increase operator insight, ultimately leading to improved performance and profitability.

Key Operational Competencies in Asset Operations and Optimization

  • Asset Strategy: Define the requirements of plant capacity, operability and production to align with corporate strategy.
  • Asset Improvement: Improve plant profitability by expanding plant operating window and/or adding/modifying plants
  • Asset Optimization: Optimize the plant by enabling shift teams to execute activities as per plan and within operating window boundaries
  • Asset Operations and Process Control: Operate the plant by enabling shift teams to implement plans effectively and manage abnormal situations
  • Capital Projects Delivery: Screen options, engineer and delivers capital projects that are cost-effective, timely and fit for purpose 

With our track record of providing project execution and thorough lifecycle services and KBC consulting, our customers can obtain practical and deep insights on maximizing their physical assets. Together, we aim to contribute and actualize improvements not only for profitability but also for overall safety, operability and reliability.

·Supply Chain Optimization
- Optimize management of supply, whether oil in the ground or feedstocks for a refinery or chemical asset, in light of product market demands. This provides operators with the agility to take full advantage of market conditions.
·Operational Risk Management 
- Reliably control safety, health and environmental risk at a personal and process level. This assures the robustness required to avoid catastrophic losses.
·Asset Management and Integrity
- Confidently ensure asset reliability and availability, whilst controlling maintenance costs. This assures the asset always meets expectations and is always available to capitalize on short term market opportunities. 

Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) 

Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) is a dynamic real time optimization solution which optimizes an asset (e.g. LNG), an entire plant (e.g. olefins) or circuit within a refinery / petrochemical plant to ensure it is continuously responding to market signals and disturbances (such as feed changes), on a few minutes’ basis. The solution combines Petro-SIM models and Platform for Advanced Control & Estimation (PACE) APC.


Oprex Asset Operations and Optimization : Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP)

Key Features of Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP)

  • Changes to the independent variables are captured by dynamic coordination every few minutes
  • Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) encompasses an entire asset or multiple process units where the plant can be segregated into blocks  
  • Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) can be achieved through the unique technology combination of PACE and Petro-SIM
  • Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) leverages the leading first principle non-linear process model, Petro-SIM. This means inferential calculations (e.g. furnace severity, catalyst degradation, catalyst circulation rate, distillation column tray loading) can be generated by Petro-SIM and be used as inputs to the PACE Controller as extra targets and constraints


How Does Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) Work?

  • Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) variables are the same as APC variables
  • Economic objective function is solved using state-of-art technology
  • Optimal CV targets are used in the control layer
  • Petro-SIM first principles model performs "inferential calculations including feed quality" and provides "gain updates when they change"
Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) ; Petro-SIM Plant-wide Model

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Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) ; Confirmation of Benefit Trend

Key Benefits of Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP)

  • Dynamic Real Time optimization opportunities are created by deploying digital transformation technologies
  • Optimal trajectory reduces time to optimum operation
  • Non-linear multi-unit optimization ensures operation closer to optimum
  • Tight integration with APC ensures better disturbance rejection and easier maintenance
  • Integration with Petro-SIM provides the most accurate inferential calculations and gain updates
  • Process cold eyes review provides quick wins during feasibility study to improve ROI and cash flow
  • Holistic and integrated implementation approach minimizes risk and maximizes benefits
  • Achieves accurate, unified and sustainable process / production optimization
  • Maximum and sustainable plant performance and increased ROI
  • Dynamic Real Time Optimizer (RT-OP) drives closer alignment with planning and scheduling            

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Yokogawa provided a Dynamic Real-Time Optimizer (RT-OP) to optimize the operations of the hydrocracker unit at Aramco Riyadh Refinery.
By dynamically calculating optimal setpoints, the RT-OP optimizes operations beyond the APC system.


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