Furnace Temperature Control

The SMARTDAC+ GX Series monitor furnace temperature in tunnel kiln furnaces and the like using Faceplate and Trend screens that come as standard features. There is no need to create new monitoring screens, and it is possible to introduce the SMARTDAC+ GX more easily than conducting instrumentation on a PC or the like. The SMARTDAC+ GX implements temperature control with a system, using a maximum of twenty embedded loops.

Furnace Temperature Control


  • Equipped with monitoring screens as standard
    Control monitoring screens (Faceplate, Tuning, Control overview), trend screens, and others can be monitored on the SMARTDAC+ GX.
  • Integration of recording and adjustment means reduced space requirements.


  • Iron & Steel

    • Iron and steel industry
    • Improve quality of products, manufacturing, and operation technologies
    • Address environmental and energy-efficiency issues
    • Create the ideal plant and evolve for mutual growth
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