Multi-Variable Mass Flow Calculation Setup

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EJX Multivariable Transmitter(EJX910A/EJX930A)

Installation cost is reduced with a multi-variable transmitter. The EJX multi-variable transmitter combines three process variables in one transmitter. It removes the need to install a separate gauge pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and flow computer. Dedicated software for configuring the flow calculation is available (FieldMate – Flow Navigator).


Customer Issues

  • Installation cost of multiple field devices is high.
  • Mass flow measurement is expensive.


Utilize EJX910A/930A + Flow Navigator

  • From one multi-variable transmitter, you can measure differential pressure, static pressure, temperature and mass flow. The total cost is greatly reduced.
  • Flow Navigator software provides a simple, user friendly method to configure the mass flow measurement.

Three in One


Utilize FieldMate

  • Flow Navigator has a step by step interface based on FDT/DTM technology. You can set the data by simply selecting the primary element, and inputting the flow rate information.
  • You can copy the configuration of one transmitter to another transmitter to help with multiple configurations.

Utilize FieldMate


EJX Multi-Variable Transmitter Outputs

① In the case of HART digital / FOUNDATION Fieldbus /Modbus, these types of outputs can transmit multi process values at the same time.

② In the case of Analog signal (4-20mA), a multiplexer can be used to convert up to three values from HART signals into 4-20mA signals. The transmitter can transmit up to four values in conjunction with the original signal.

③ In the case of ISA100(wireless), the ISA 100 adaptor can transmit up to four values from the HART signal without reconstructing an existing line.

EJX Multi-Variable Transmitter Outputs

The measurements that EJX multi-variable transmitter can transmit




Other TEMP


Total Flow *4

either H or L

Flange (/DG6)
FOUNDATION Fieldbus *2
either H or L, or both

Flange (/DG1)

Modbus *3

either H or L

- -

*1:In 4-20mA, output is one signal by one value。In HART, output is one signal by multiple value (up to four value).
*2:Number of output values is up to five.
*3:Flow, total flow, other temperature(flange)as output are not supported.
*4:Total flow is using HART or the pulse signal. 4-20mA signal is not supported. In FOUNDATION fieldbus, output is using IT function block.

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