Yokogawa Innovative Plant Automation Security Solutions

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This white paper explains the details of the security design, implementation, operation and validation solutions from the technical perspective.

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Originating as the Flexible Advanced System Techniques (FAST) project, FAST/TOOLS today is a comprehensive, fully-integrated SCADA application suite. Powerful and flexible, FAST/TOOLS serves installations ranging from 50-point unit processes to multimillion-point offshore production and pipeline systems that extend over thousands of miles.

OpreX Control - CENTUM VP DCS

CENTUM VP has a simple and common architecture consisting of human machine interfaces, field control stations, and a control network.

Plant Security Consulting Services

Our comprehensive Plant Security Consultation Services help customers deploy proper security solutions for their plants to ensure safe operation.

Plant Security Lifecycle Services

Plant Security Lifecycle Services are a cyber security lifecycle approach to help customers reduce security risks and manage plant security throughout its life.

Plant Security Training

Yokogawa provides a comprehensive range of training courses on network security solutions for industrial control systems.

SIL1/2/3 ProSafe-RS

The world leader in integrated control and safety used in over 2,300 projects, ranging from large scale integrated process automation projects to standalone solutions

OpreX Control – Distributed Control System (DCS)

With the industry's highest proven availability, Yokogawa's CENTUM VP industrial process automation solutions maximize performance and profitability. 

Plant Security

Yokogawa is the best co-innovating partner for customers to minimize security risks and maximize corporate values.

SCADA System

Our IoT-compatible Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system optimizes automation and monitoring throughout the entire enterprise.


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