Data Acquisition with PID Control CX2000

CX defines the next generation in process control by fusing recording, control and networking into a single, compact product.  It delivers "Out of the box, ready to go" real-time and historical process monitoring. CX controls your process using internal PID loops and/or external controllers. One or more CXs link your process to the networked world with built-in Ethernet, web server, e-mail and FTP functions.


Descripción General:

The Japan Steel Works, LTD., Muroran Plant uses the Control and Measurement Station CX2000, UP series program controllers, and UT series digital indicating controllers for operation of its heat treating furnaces.

Reporte Técnico de Yokogawa
Descripción General:

The rapid evolution of information technology (IT) has made possible the transmission of a wide range of information in a short period of time, resulting in the transformation of society in aspects such as logistics and business styles. During this transformation, quick assessment of the circumstances and prompt actions were also required in the production lines, making real-time collection of field information indispensable.


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