IIoT Solutions for Safety & Security

Plant safety
Plant safety is foremost in mind for all those who work at a plant or live nearby, and the need to prevent accidents that might harm the environment is no less a concern. Yokogawa has long been known for its highly reliable control systems that ensure safe and robust plant operations, but is taking this to the next level with the provision of IIoT solutions that ensure zero incident operations by detecting abnormal conditions early on, before they can lead to accidents. Yokogawa’s IIoT Solutions also provide appropriate guidance in emergency situations helps quick recovery to a steady state. And advanced simulation technology is able to make near-term predictions of plant behavior, thereby helping to make plants safer.

Cybersecurity management
The fusion of OT and IT has brought huge benefits to plant operations, and the linking of the plant floor with office has yielded dramatic improvements in the flexibility of production management. At the same time, cyberattacks on plant networks present one of the most pressing threats to an organization. To maintain the stability and flexibility of the modern plant operation, Yokogawa offers cybersecurity management solutions.



Satoru Kurosu discusses Yokogawa's 100th anniversary, key message "Co-innovating tomorrow" to deliver new value to customers, and Yokogawa's position in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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