OpreX Managed Service – System Asset Management Use Case

In this fast-changing world, industry leaders place digital transformation strategy as the top priority for success and sustainability. But what does it mean to achieve digital transformation for your operations?

OpreX Managed Service provides effective and efficient managed services by seamlessly integrating a network of people, processes, and technologies, enabling customers to realize the three stages of the service model: digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation,  to improve their business productivity and profitability.

Through this video, we aim to clearly depict how the digital transformation provided by OpreX Managed Service optimizes maintenance and operation by analyzing the condition of customers’ system assets.

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    Yokogawa’s OpreX Managed Service provides integrated asset management service for all your assets, including PCs, controllers, field devices, cybersecurity, and IIoT devices. Delivering real-time clarity and insight on asset performance, reliability, and security, OpreX Managed Service improves maintenance effectivity and efficiency, and contributes to reducing unplanned downtime. 


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    The optimization of plant performance through the planned implementation of maintenance, security, monitoring, predictive/preventive maintenance, and system upgrade solutions that cover the entire plant lifecycle.

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