YTA110/310/320 Temperature Transmitter
Notice: This product was discontinued on Dec 31, 2018. See these replacement products:

The YTA110/310 is a field-mount temperature transmitter that accepts a single sensor input and YTA320 is a dual inputs.
This input can be from a RTD, thermocouple, ohm, or DC millivolt. These models support BRAIN communication protocol. Dual input functions include Failed Sensor Backup, Temperature Averaging, and Differential Temperature. 

YTA110/310/320 features include:

  • Choice of BRAIN Protocol
  • SIL 2 Certified (BRAIN Protocols)
  • Dual Inputs (YTA320)


YTA Safety (1)

Rugged Construction

Robust dual compartment housing with hermetically sealed terminals protects the electronics from moisture ingress and eliminates the need to expose the electronics to the environment. This ensures a long service life and long stability, while reducing maintenance and cost of ownership. Reliability and durability are guaranteed with NEMA 4x and IP67 compliance.

The durable epoxy paint maximizes chemical resistance; however, for maximum protection in marine environments where salt spray and semi immersion are common, a stainless steel housing is available.


TUV NORD Safety Approved

Plant safety and the safety of personnel are equally as important as plant availability, throughput, and increased profitability. For these reasons Yokogawa believes safety should never be an option, it should be standard in all modern process automation & control equipment. The YTA320 has been designed and built in accordance with this philosophy. Whether or not the YTA320 is installed in a Safety Instrument Function (SIF), it will deliver a lifetime of benefits.


Note: TUV Nord SIL safety certification is not available on units with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus communication.


The YTA320 enables advanced linearization of 20 types of industrial temperature sensors and input signals. Utilizing a selected high grade 16bit A/D converter allows the YTA320 to achieve a performance of ±0.05% of calibrated span accuracy wth BRAIN or HART 5 communication. With FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, the calibrated span accuracy is ±0.009 of calibrated span.



The YTA320's stability is inherited from its meticulous product design and development philosophy. Containing a precision internal reference, YTA320 can detect and automatically correct for any instability, delivery a 5 year stability guarantee.


Dual Sensor Input

The YTA320 in capable of dual sensor input. With the processing capablilty of the tarnsmitter, this dual input can be used to provide Failed Sensor Backup, Temperature Averaging, or Differential Temperature measurement.

Failed Sensor Backup (1)

The YTA320 has an automatic failed sensor backup function that transfers seamlessly to the standby sensor when needed. When the primary sensor fails, the transmitter will automatically switch over to the standby secondary sensor. An error message is displayed on the local indicator and an alarm message is generated for the host system and asset manager. The failed sensor can then be replaced without losing vital process information. This allows the sensor to be replaced at the next convenient maintenance period, avoiding unnecessary trips to the field and a possible unscheduled plant shutdown.


Temperature Averaging (1)

The dual input sensors of the YTA302 can also be set to average the two inputs into a single output.


Differential Temperature (1)

The dual input sensors of the YTA302 can also be set to output the difference between the two inputs.


Sensor Matching

The Yokogawa YTA320 uses the IEC751 standard to define the relationship between resistance and temperature for RTD sensors. This relationship is referred to as a Standard Curve. Sensor manufacturers use this same standard, but, because of construction process, each sensor has a unique temperature / resistance relationship. This is referred to as the Real RTD Curve. (The Real RTD Curve falls within the tolerance band of IEC751 standard) In the 1920's, Hugh Longbourne Callendar and M.S. Van Dusen developed a set of coefficients that would modify the Standard Curve to match the Real RTD Curve; thus, removing the error generated by the difference between the two curves. Yokogawa's YTA320 with the CM1 option can accept these coefficients to adjust the Standard Curve to match the Real RTD Curve of the sensor; eliminating this error improves the accuracy of the YTA320 / Sensor system.



Note: The FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus version includes this feature as standard.

Clear and Concise Display

YTA320's large informative indicator clearly displays the current status and process information at a glance. A 32-segment circular bar graph provides a clear graphical feedback of the process measurement, while the measurement value itself is displayed in the center along with the correct measurement units. Below the measurement value, the indicator keeps you updated with diagostic information, such as measurement and alarm status.


Terminals and Sensor Wiring

YTAxxx Terminals (1)






  • As the main automation contractor (MAC) for this plant construction project, Yokogawa Brazil engineered, installed, and commissioned an integrated control and instrumentation solution
  • Yokogawa Brazil completed the commissioning of these systems ahead of schedule and the production of green polymer was started just one week later
  • Yokogawa's integrated solutions control FGD processes at Romania's largest power plant
  • SO2 and dust emissions are controlled within the EU environmental standards

Caustic soda and hydrochloric acid, produced in electrolyzer plants, are fundamental materials used in varieties of industries; chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrol-chemicals, pulp and papers, etc. Profit is the result of the effective production with minimized running / maintenance cost. Proper control of the process brings you stabilized quality of products with the vast operational profit.


Continuous technology improvement is ongoing in the pulp & paper industry to obtain the best possible performance. The improved plant performance translates to the higher quality improvement and lower cost, and simultaneously environmental friendly plant operation.



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