JOIN for Maintenance Engineers

JOIN is an open, collaborative IIoT program that offers a complete value chain from consultancy, data collection, connectivity, cloud, predictions and dashboards. It signifies a collaboration between Yokogawa and Perfact Group and supports our slogan ‘Co-Innovating Tomorrow’ as we believe in the power of working together and we strive to go beyond and exceed expectations.



Getting late night phone calls when plant errors occur can be a pain, or even worse, unexpected plant shutdowns can cause huge inconvenience and come at high costs. Cavitation, for instance, often remains undetected until a later stage, causing damages to your pumps. Emergency maintenance work to fix equipment breakdowns require a large amount of time. Not doing preventative maintenance promptly results in further unexpected equipment breakdowns and further emergency maintenance work. Bringing Industrial IoT (IIoT) into a factory means deploying technology through connected devices such as wireless sensors. By enabling both the human and machine to scan in activity and asset as they work, it helps the on-site workforce be more productive, streamlining working processes and identifying the opportunities for workflow improvements. JOIN can support you in preventative maintenance so that you can focus on keeping systems and equipment running in a peak condition.



To overcome the challenge of fragmented operations, maintenance engineers and technicians will need to start relying on classic signal outputs, such as vibration, temperature, power consumption, etc., as well as new smart sensors. These sensor inputs will increasingly play a greater role in IIoT predictive maintenance. Even though engineers have always diagnosed machine problems simply by listening to them, humans cannot be physically next to every machine continuously during operation and face the challenge of filtering out additional noise interference present in harsh industrial environments. 

With JOIN, there is no longer needed to go through costly procedures to perform regular periodic inspections and upkeep through schedule-based maintenance. Instead, predictive maintenance systems can logically prioritize any needed repairs to prevent failures before they occur, hence significantly saving precious time, money and resources. JOIN acts as an IIoT ecosystem integrator, offering you a complete value chain for all Industry 4.0 related issues. It is an open collaboration platform where other Value-Added Resellers (VAR), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Maintenance Service Providers (MSP) who can add value participate. In addition, JOIN acts as a complete value chain and offers an open architecture cloud platform that is flexible and scalable. The platform is supplier independent and can handle many protocols. Network sensors with data analytics can achieve the holy grail of condition-based maintenance predicting when equipment is likely to fail.


  • Prevent machine failure and costly unplanned downtime by identifying problems in real-time and keeping equipment running at optimal performance.
  • Prioritize required repairs to prevent failures before they occur to save time, money and resources.
  • Enable self-aware, self-adaptive systems by generating useful insights about the equipment’s condition, safety, and performance.
  • Monitor any asset with sensors wirelessly: the Sushi Sensor can be installed in harsh environments including hazardous areas to improve personal safety.
  • Improve productivity of plant processes without major operations disruptions.

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