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Today, as companies all over the world strive for a competitive advantage in their businesses, they must at the same time find their way forward in a dramatically changed business environment rife with challenges such as the social issues expressed in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), rapid advances in digital technology, industry shifts, and changes in business processes. They must stay ahead in the competition by pursuing measures that will increase efficiency, optimize plant and other operations, and improve production quality, while reviewing and making changes wherever necessary to their business models. In such a rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt is an urgent necessity.


What is "OpreX"?

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OpreX is the all-new comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation and control business. The OpreX brand stands for excellence in the technology and solutions that Yokogawa cultivates through the co-creation of value with its customers. Under this new brand may be found all the Yokogawa control products, services, and other solutions that customers are using to digitalize and transform their businesses and drive growth in this time of unprecedented change.
Under the OpreX brand name and based on the Co-innovating tomorrow corporate brand slogan, Yokogawa will continue to co-create value with its customers and thereby help to create a brighter future for all.

OpreX, a way forward for the creation of value that leads to industrial autonomy

Yokogawa believes that the transition from industrial automation to industrial autonomy (IA2IA) is already underway, but it won’t happen overnight.
A methodical approach must be taken, moving forward one step at a time.
An absolute essential in this is knowing how to achieve a digital transformation, without which no rapid progress can be made in changing business models and underlying processes.
With its OpreX products, services, and other solutions, Yokogawa is helping its customers transform how they do business, create value, and make progress towards industrial autonomy.

5 categories of OpreX brand

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This comprehensive brand comprises the five categories of transformation, control, measurement, execution, and lifecycle, based on which Yokogawa provides products, services, and solutions covering everything from business management to operations.

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  • OpreX Transformation

    Comprehensive core solutions that take the broad view in driving operational excellence throughout all an enterprise’s business activities, from production to the supply chain and business management.

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  • OpreX Control

    Exceptionally reliable control technology that responds quickly to changes in management and operations and establishes the foundation needed for high efficiency, high quality, safety, and stability in plant operations.

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  • OpreX Measurement

    Highly reliable measurement technology for the implementation of value-enhancing operational technology(OT) and information technology(IT) integration.

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  • OpreX Execution

    Innovative, world-class project implementation capabilities, built on a strong track record of success all over the globe.

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  • OpreX Lifecycle

    Maintenance capabilities backed by extensive experience gained from working closely with our customers allow us to optimize operations over the entire plant lifecycle.

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