Safety co-innovation team

Safety co-innovation
The key mission of Yokogawa is to lay the foundation for a sustainable future. To achieve this, we innovate and create new ideas, this in combination with field proved Industrial Automation solutions. To make this combination work, we started an Agile / SCRUM team with our focus to improve safety. 

Introduction of Squad teams
Yokogawa has existed for over a 100 years, continuously contributing to society through our innovation in IA. The key mission of Yokogawa is to lay the foundation for a sustainable future. To achieve this, we will deploy our ingenuity and creativity, in combination with our portfolio of solutions and developments in an agile way. Therefore, we started 3 Business Acceleration Squad teams; Seveso (Safety solutions/services), MSS (Maintenance Support System) and Renewables. With these squads we want to keep pace in ever faster changing and uncertain world. Because we recognize the urgency to shift gears. And to mobilize the creativity and ingenuity of our people.

Limit the consequences of disasters 
Product owner Niels Huttenhuis: ‘With our voyage to a safer world we want to limit the consequences of disasters for society, the environment and your company. To achieve this, we share our safety culture and cutting-edge technology so we ensure that you will make higher profits, while making the world a safer place.’

Co-innovating to prevent large fires
For example, this SCRUM team looks how to prevent large fires that often occur in stables in the agricultural sector. In the past 12 years, there were 208 fires in the Netherlands only, in which 1.2 million animals died (source: wakkerdier). And as a consequence, many farms did too. The risk of fire due to - a for instance - short circuit is very high because of the dusty environment. 

We are looking for different software, sensors and technologies which can be implemented for the monitoring and visualisation of the data collected at the farm together with expert networks such as specialists, the government, suppliers, vets and the fire brigade. With the aim to prevent fires, resulting in a safe and environmental friendly farm. 

More information on Safety solutions 
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