Yokogawa Acquires Label-free Image Analysis Technology from Finnish Company

Tokyo, Japan - June 30, 2015

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it has obtained a label-free image analysis technology from Chip-Man Technologies Oy* of Finland. With this technology, detailed computer analyses can be conducted of live cell images that have been taken with a microscope using a label-free technique. Formerly, this was only possible using fluorescence labeling.


In basic research, live cells are typically labeled with a dye and then irradiated by a laser or some other means so that they can be observed more easily under a microscope. However, this exposure to light often has a phototoxic effect on the cells. During the pre-clinical and clinical trials that are required for regulatory approval, it is necessary to carry out label- and irradiation-free observations of in vivo cell activity. Cells that are being cultured for transplantation must also be label-free. Yokogawa has acquired this technology for applications such as in vitro fertilization and the coagulation and organization of differentiated cells in regenerative medicine, - where quality and safety are utmost concerns - and the sorting of iPS cells.

Overview of the Acquired Technology

The technology acquired from Chip-Man Technologies enables the detailed computer analysis of images of label-free live cells taken using a conventional microscope, eliminating the need for a special optical system. Yokogawa offers confocal scanner units for use in basic research applications where the use of fluorescence labeling techniques is acceptable in the observation of live cells. By acquiring this label-free image analysis technology, we can now also offer solutions for preclinical and clinical applications. Leveraging this strength, we will expand our business in the fields of regenerative medicine and iPS cell research, both of which are expected to grow rapidly.

Main Applications of the Technology

Image analysis of label-free live cells for preclinical and clinical trials in the fields of regenerative medicine, iPS cell research, and drug discovery

* Chip-Man Technologies Oy
A limited liability company that was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Finland. The company has a variety of technologies and products that are used in the medical and drug discovery fields. These include microscopes for observing cell cultures and the label-free cell image analysis technology that is the subject of this press release. This company's products are widely used throughout Europe and other markets in fields and applications such as regenerative medicine and drug candidate evaluation testing.


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