Large Wind-power Plant with Yokogawa Control System Comes Online in Japan

Tokyo, Japan - April 2, 2020

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6841) announces that Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary, has installed a Yokogawa control system for one of Japan's largest wind-power plants, and that this facility, Wind Farm Tsugaru, has come online. This plant was built by Green Power Tsugaru GK, a limited liability company that belongs to Green Power Investment Corporation.

Wind Farm Tsugaru(Source: Green Power Investment Corporation)
Wind Farm Tsugaru(Source: Green Power Investment Corporation)

Wind Farm Tsugaru is located in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture. With 38 wind-turbines and a total power generation capacity of 121,600 kW, it is one of the largest onshore wind-power plants in Japan. To monitor the operation of this facility's wind turbines and provide integrated supervisory control of remote substations and the system interconnection switching stations, Yokogawa Solution Service delivered the FAST/TOOLS™ SCADA* software, e-RT3 real-time-OS-based controllers, and network infrastructure devices. In addition to carrying out all the engineering work, Yokogawa Solution Service assisted the customer with the commissioning of the SCADA system.

In keeping with its sustainability goals for the year 2050 and the business focus areas defined in its Transformation 2020 mid-term business plan, Yokogawa is strengthening its renewable energy business. Leveraging the experience that it has gained in Japan through such undertakings as the participation in Wind Farm Tsugaru project, and based on its measurement, control, and information technologies and know-how, Yokogawa will work actively with companies around the world to combat global warming by proposing solutions that help renewable energy plants generate power more efficiently.

* Supervisory control and data acquisition. The FAST/TOOLS SCADA software, which is a product in Yokogawa's OpreX™ Control and Safety System family, provides a human-machine interface (HMI) for the monitoring and control of plant facilities. The e-RT3 real-time-OS-based controllers, which are a core SCADA system component, are a product in the OpreX Control Devices family.


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