Vol.61 No.2 (2018)

At this site technical articles published at the YOKOGAWA technical report are introduced.

Technical Report

Saving the Earth with Biomass Utilization

  • Kiyohiko Igarashi*1*2

*1 Associate Professor of Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo
*2 Visiting Professor of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Economic Model Predictive Control (EMPC) for Automating Plant Operation

  • Azusa Takenaka*1
  • Liqin Zhang*2
  • Makoto Nakaya*1

*1 Incubation Department, Innovation Center, Marketing Headquarters
*2 Development Center, Yokogawa China

   Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enable the integration of the physical and cyber worlds into a cyber-physical system, in which data and information from the physical world are analyzed and learned in the cyber world, and in which a model that describes behaviors in the physical world is created. The cyber-physical system is expected to add new value to the physical world. In particular, control and operation for achieving plant automation are attracting attention. This paper introduces Economic Model Predictive Control (EMPC), which uses nonlinear plant models created in the cyber world and delivers optimal control, and explains its application to a chemical batch process.

Physically Isolated Information Security (PIIS) and MemWiper: A New Security Concept for Control Systems in IoT Era and Its Embodiment

  • Takayuki Arai*1
  • Makoto Nakaya*1

*1 Incubation Department, Innovation Center, Marketing Headquarters

   Yokogawa proposes physically isolated information security (PIIS), a new security concept for reducing the risk of remote attacks on industrial control systems. PIIS can protect plants from remote attacks. As a simple implementation, Yokogawa has developed MemWiper, a prototype device that erases the memory of USB devices. MemWiper reduces the risk of virus infection through physical operation. This paper explains the PIIS concept and the MemWiper memory erasers.

Edge-based Analytics for Detecting Anomalies in Manufacturing Equipment

  • Akio Nakabayashi*1

*1 Incubation Department, Innovation Center, Marketing Headquarters

   The Internet of Things (IoT) technology enables the use of various data from manufacturing equipment, which used not to be possible with existing manufacturing execution systems. AI technology can help experts to execute their tasks by analyzing such data and identifying points to be improved or detecting anomalies in equipment for improving availability. However, most of the information infrastructure is not designed for the IoT and AI, and thus large amounts of informative data are not fully used. Yokogawa has therefore developed edge-based solutions that use computers near manufacturing equipment, in order to solve customer needs. While making full use of existing manufacturing execution systems, these solutions enable the construction of an IoT/AI system that analyzes data acquired in the field and transmits the analysis results to upper-level systems. This paper describes the technical points of Yokogawa’s edge computing system that can detect anomalies in manufacturing equipment.

LS3300 AC Power Calibrator with High Accuracy, Stability, and Usability

  • Naoto Tsuchida*1
  • Ken Inoue*1

*1 Development & Engineering Department 3, Technical Development Division, Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation

   Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation released the LS3300 AC power calibrator in 2017. The LS3300 is for calibrating power meters, which helps Yokogawa strengthen its presence in the field of power measurement.
   AC power calibrators are required to generate AC voltage and current signals accurately and stably at any power factor, and thus require highly precise phase control. The LS3300 achieves this control by using FPGA-enabled digital assist analog technology. With multiple units connected, the LS3300 can calibrate 3-phase 4-wire power with the same operability and performance as a single unit. This paper describes these technologies implemented in the LS3300.

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