JOIN: An integrated IIoT program

JOIN is an open, collaborative IIoT program that offers a complete value chain from consultancy, data collection, connectivity, cloud, predictions and dashboards. It signifies a collaboration between Yokogawa and Perfact Group and supports our company slogan ‘Co-Innovating Tomorrow’ as we believe in the power of working together and we strive to go beyond and exceed expectations. 


Key area’s for JOIN

JOIN is Yokogawa and Perfact’s co-innovated IIoT platform of solutions and services. We provide comprehensive IIoT solutions for business automation in diverse industries. JOIN has three main pillars: Connect, Predict, Accelerate.  



Connect: JOIN allows you to attach sensors to assets. They collect data, store it wirelessly and use analytics and machine learning to improve your business processes. We learn your organization and needs and then consolidate, enrich and standardize all relevant data from a wide range of sources, making it accessible and cost effective. JOIN provides a complete value chain to organizations who are prioritizing cloud and digital technology to transform their operations and achieve competitive advantage.

Predict: JOIN indicates how errors can be predicted in the future and uses collected data to predict when a new issue will occur. We combine domain knowledge & data science at scale in our predictive JOIN platform. In-house developed algorithms translate data into predictive information. The solution contains techniques from simple rulings to advanced machine learning to monitor or predict, from anomaly detection to prescriptive.

Accelerate: all data is stored at a central location offering new possibilities for the management. We empower your organization with proactive dashboard and system notifications. Step by step we guide your organization in the transition to embed controlled monitoring and a new predictive maintenance strategy. Real-time analysis allows you to make decisions faster than ever before, bringing you a huge strategic advantage. Both the connectivity and the IIoT platform are scalable. This way you can accelerate your business and proactively improve it. Apart from the visual tools, the standard dashboard also gives alarms, notifications by email or SMS.


Portable Living Lab

The Portable Living Lab is a mini factory that enables us to acquire, demonstrate and innovate knowledge. Within this mini factory we demonstrate in real time all the possibilities of JOIN, such as monitoring simple alarm values to complex machine learning. The mini factory uses Sushi Sensors and measures more than 70 real-time signals. During the demonstration faults are simulated. The system can recognize more than 20 fault mechanisms and gives a warning via an automated email or SMS message.

In the future, this plant will also be available completely digitally.

Curious? Make an appointment with us for an on-site demonstration.

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JOIN: Starter Kits

Discover the new JOIN Starter Kits for IIoT and predictive analysis. These starter kits are ideal for carrying out a pilot predictive maintenance. Not only are these a cost-effective and plug-and-play solution for specific use cases or applications, the kits contain everything needed for asset monitoring, ranging from wireless sensors (e.g. Sushi Sensors) to early warnings. The kits can be sent via post and are easy to implement with a ‘quick reference card’ and detailed instructions. Thanks to the templates made available, the dashboards and algorithms are already in place before the hardware arrives at your plant. After receiving a login account, you can start monitoring directly. In case of an anomaly, you immediately receive an e-mail or SMS.

The picture below illustrates one of the starter kits. Ideal for start IIoT-implementation and contains three vibration and temperature sensors with gateway.


You can choose among three different starter kits: 

JOIN Starter Kit Heat Exchanger Kit Operations Kit Vibration Kit
Applications • Plate or shell & tube heat exchangers
• Cooling towers
• Pipelines
• Tracings
• Compressors 
• Position hand valves
• Start-up conditions
• Check waste valves
• Pumps
• Compressors
• Blowers
• Fans
• Electromotors
• Gear boxes
• Mills 



JOIN Starter Kit for Heat Exchangers
JOIN Starter Kit for Rotating Equipment
JOIN Starter Kit for Position Hand Valves



An Integrated IIoT Program - JOIN


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