JOIN for Plant Managers & IT Directors

JOIN is an open, collaborative IIoT program that offers a complete value chain from consultancy, data collection, connectivity, cloud, predictions and dashboards. It signifies a collaboration between Yokogawa and Perfact Group and supports our slogan ‘Co-Innovating Tomorrow’ as we believe in the power of working together and we strive to go beyond and exceed expectations.



Nowadays there is an increasing interest in the industrial application in plant factories. We understand that plant managers strive to use Industrial IoT (IIoT) for collecting and analysing data to deliver useful insights. These insights help industrial companies make optimal business decisions in a more efficient way. The use of equipment’s machine data using industrial IoT, such as production data, helps your plants transform their industrial processes. Improved quality control, sustainable practices, and predictive maintenance are common examples where data plays a crucial role. JOIN can be your partner to reduce your sense of risk in plant management and speed up your plant processes.



JOIN is an ecosystem that acts as an IIoT system integrator which offers a complete value chain for all Industry 4.0 related issues. It is an open collaboration platform where other Value-Added Resellers (VAR), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Maintenance Service Providers (MSP) who can add value participate. In addition, JOIN acts as a complete value chain and offers an open architecture cloud platform that is flexible and scalable. The platform is supplier independent and can handle many protocols. Furthermore, it contains a library with various ready-made algorithms and dashboards. Customers can also contribute their own business knowledge or algorithms. Furthermore, JOIN offers the possibility to link the OT, IT (IIoT) and Business Management domains in a secure way. We strive to help customers analyse all relevant plant data and converts it into business value, such as improving production yields, optimizing maintenance costs, maximizing line productivity, and tracking resource use in real time to meet business, production, and regulatory objectives.



  • Streamlined business processes and developing an efficient workflow that powers up plant productivity.
  • Effectively manage connected wireless sensors (eg. Sushi Sensor) and devices.
  • User-friendly and scalable platform and dashboards, allowing you to capture and automate existing knowledge.
  • Cost reduction through smarter use of resources.
  • Preventing and avoiding unpredicted plant shutdowns by predictive maintenance.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime to optimize your profitability.


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