Example of Power Monitoring Using the MW100

0 CH Input (Communication Input) Model

The MW100 allows logging via communication of devices that support MODBUS servers. With no analog module required, costs can be reduced, and errors during A/D conversion are eliminated.

Various power elements on power equipment (send and receive sides) are measured, and the loss in power between the LS and LR sides, which are approximately 10 km apart, is measured. Various kinds of data from a power monitor (PR300) is loaded onto the MW100 via RS485 communications, and saved to the CF card at 10 minute intervals.

Example of Power Monitoring Using the MW100


  • Costs reduced because no analog module needed!
  • Accurate: No analog errors!
  • Connectivity with any device supporting Modbus servers!


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For industrial DAQ applications, the MW100 offers scalability and can operate either standalone or integrated as a node within a larger automated system including SCADA or DCS.


UPM100 / UPM101 is a compact power monitor that can measure 15 items such as electricity energy with 1 unit.


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