Geothermal Electrical Generation Control and Monitoring


Hot rocks and water come together in select areas to produce renewable energy. CX2000s networked to US/UP controllers provide primary control with distributed backup control for steam turbines.

Application keys

  • Fail safe operation of control valves using CX2000 as primary controller with US1000 controllers as backup
  • Distributed Control and Data Acquisition

Benefits of using CX2000 and US1000

  • Geothermal EnergyNetworking capability of CX2000 to US1000 for accurate data transfer
  • Internal logic capabilities of CX2000
  • System Fault to Fail relay for transfer of control to US1000
  • Data logging capability of CX2000 to CF card
  • Ability of US1000 to accept pass through control output and switch to local control output as backup control strategy






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