Easy addition of temporally monitoring into regular monitoring

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Production and the plan / improvement department, Maintenance for facilities at site



Since the temperature and humidity in the factory cannot be monitored, workers regularly check the room temperature gauge and fill out forms.
In the measurement points where motors (vibration) are constantly monitored in production equipment, data loggers are prepared and wired every time they are monitored for a certain period of time, such as one month, to collect and manage them data. This increases the workload of workers.

To address this issue, the Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X installed near sensors such as temperature, humidity, and vibration, and enables automatic collection of data via the factory LAN. The data collection, monitoring and management can be automatically and regularly monitored with the data logging software GA10. As a result, it contributes to reducing the workload of workers.

Automobile part manufacturer
Automobile part manufacturer


Customer benefit

Improvement and integration with VZ20X
  • Regular monitoring by human -> Regular monitoring with VZ20X combing with motor monitoring (Human cost reduction)
  • Temporary motor monitoring -> Portable monitoring with VZ20X (Compact, easy wiring at reasonable cost)


  • Automate regular humidity and temperature monitoring at sites done by human
  • Need to monitor vibration of some motors permanently
  • In addition, need to add some motors to be monitored unregularly (Require portable monitoring)
  • Measured data should be recorded without using PC

Improvement and integration with VZ20X


  • Built complete system with VZ20X, GA10 and GM10
  • Install VZ20X unit as temporary monitoring unit then connect it to GM10


  • Compact and easy connection between GM10 to monitor the data with ethernet cable
  • Realize total system at reasonable cost

Product recommendation

  • Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X
    A sample program for system construction is introduced.
    *As of April 2022, the Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X is sold in Asia Pacific and the Middle East areas.
  • Data Logging Software GA10
    60-day free trial is available.
  • Data Logger GM10

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