Pressure Monitoring at Oil Wellheads


Pressure monitoring at oil wellheads

  • Monitoring oil pipe leakage with differential pressure transmitters


  • Difficulty in cabling work due to undeveloped terrain between monitoring points and control room
  • Long distances of up to 600 m


ISA100 wireless pressure transmitters


  • No long-distance cabling over undeveloped terrain.
  • ISA100 long transmission range of up to 600 m.
  • Maintainability: no repeaters required in the field, therefore no maintenance (e.g. battery replacement) required in dangerous terrain.



  • Oil & Gas

    Yokogawa has a wealth of experience in every part of the oil and gas business, from offshore and onshore facilities to pipelines, terminals, and deepwater operations. We provide solutions that enhance safety, ensure accurate and reliable operation, and increase plant efficiency.

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  • Pipeline

    The right pipeline control and instrumentation can make a huge difference in terms of performance and profitability. Yokogawa has dedicated technology that can optimize the performance of all elements of a pipeline solution, including compressors, pumps, valves, and intermediate storage and distribution facilities.

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  • Upstream

    The upstream industry includes offshore and onshore activities including wellhead automation, fractionation, completion, and separation to recover and prepare underground or underwater crude oil and natural gas.

    As petroleum is brought to the surface, it must be separated prior to transport. Primary and secondary separation stages commonly distribute gas flow, water flow, and oil flow in three phase separation. Gas movement requires pipeline and can include a fractionation process in the upstream stage prior to movement. Liquids can be placed into a tanks or pipelines and sent for processing, requiring accurate level measurements.

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